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“My work­place has a ‘no smok­ing’ pol­icy, so you have to walk five min­utes to smoke. Since it takes for­ever, I some­times hide in the fire exit and puff away. One day, while do­ing so, I looked up the stairs to find my boss walk­ing down (turns out, the el­e­va­tor wasn’t work­ing). Pan­ick­ing, I hid the lit cig­a­rette be­hind my back, and said a cheer­ful ‘hi’ to him. Un­for­tu­nately, the cig­a­rette was held too close to my back, and I ended up burn­ing my hair! He no­ticed the smoke and smell, and used his jacket to douse the fire, but I re­ceived a sound yelling—and a for­mal warn­ing from HR.”

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