The Real Rea­son You’re Nuts About Shoes

The fas­ci­nat­ing rea­sons why we’re se­duced by footwear now more than ever!

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Long be­fore Louboutins be­came ob­jects of de­sire, chicks have been shoe-crazy. Re­cently, we got proof of ex­actly how crazy: While sales of most things have plum­meted due to the re­ces­sion, footwear sales have gone up in com­par­i­son. Why? Turns out, we’ve al­ways been wired for shoe lust. When you try some­thing on, “The neu­ro­trans­mit­ter dopamine is re­leased, pro­vid­ing a feel-good high,” says Martin Lind­strom, au­thor of Buy­ol­ogy: Truth And Lies About Why We Buy. Usu­ally, the high flat­lines and guilt starts creep­ing in...ex­cept, when you’re buy­ing shoes. “We ra­tio­nalise shoes as a prac­ti­cal buy—so we hold on to that plea­sur­able feel­ing longer.”

The won­der­ful feel­ings in­ten­sify when you pick high heels. “Like an­i­mals, we’re wired to as­so­ciate height with power,” says He­len Fisher, Ph.D.. In pre­vi­ous cen­turies, only the wealthy wore high heels— ev­ery­one else had prac­ti­cal footwear for man­ual labour. “Shoes were a mea­sure of class,” says Fisher, “and we have a bit of that mind-set in­grained in us.” Think of stilet­tos and you think: sex. “A woman in stilet­tos as­sumes a mat­ing pose called lor­do­sis,” says Fisher. “Her butt lifts, and her back arches.” Ac­cord­ing to Daniel Amen, M.D., au­thor of The Brain In Love, “The area of the brain that com­mu­ni­cates with the gen­i­tals is right next to the area that deals with the feet. These re­gions share neu­ral crosstalk, which may be why shoes can be erotic.”

‘All I re­ally want is a bl**dy hand­bag!’

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