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Truth­fully, it could mean a tonne of things—he and his par­ents don’t get along or he’s em­bar­rassed by them. Yes, maybe it’s also be­cause he’s not pos­i­tive of where your re­la­tion­ship is headed, but if that’s the case, this wouldn’t be your only clue. In­stead of freak­ing your­self out over hy­po­thet­i­cals, just let him know that you’d love to meet them. If he’s not ready, drop the sub­ject and ac­cept it. But in an­other six months if you’re still dat­ing and he’s keep­ing you from his fam­ily, then it’s time to ask him where he sees the re­la­tion­ship head­ing.

Q. My friend just got fired! How can she get back from this ca­reer cri­sis? A.

Get­ting fired can be a very trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ence and might lead to de­pres­sion and low mo­ti­va­tion. It is im­por­tant for your friend to re­main fo­cussed on her self-worth and re­con­sider her pri­or­i­ties. She should try to an­a­lyse the rea­sons for her ter­mi­na­tion and work on the ar­eas of con­cern. You could also help her con­sult a ca­reer coun­sel­lor to look at dif­fer­ent job op­tions that would suit her best.

Q. Ini­tially, sex was im­por­tant to both my boyfriend and me, but now we hardly have any. He says I’m not ‘nor­mal’ and that three or four times a week is a lot—how much is too much? A.

Sex drives are dif­fer­ent. For some, ‘nor­mal’ is once a month and for oth­ers, it’s twice a day! But in a re­la­tion­ship, you need to un­der­stand both of your wants and needs. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is key to de­sire. If he’s be­ing made to feel like he’s not ‘man enough’ his ego’s de­flated and it’s not sur­pris­ing he’s off sex. Pres­sure won’t help. Maybe, he likes to do the chas­ing or prefers qual­ity to quan­tity. Step back and give him room to come on to you!

Q. Is blow-dry­ing with your head flipped up­side down re­ally bet­ter? A.

“If you’re strug­gling with limp hair, and seek­ing va-va- vol­ume, then def­i­nitely”, says David Kastin, se­nior stylist at New York-based Cut­ler sa­lon. “When­ever you move your hair against its nat­u­ral growth di­rec­tion and point hot air to­ward the roots, your strands will start to perk up.” And though the old up­side-down flip isn’t the only way to go (brush­ing your hair over your head from side to side or from back to front while blow-dry­ing works, too), it’s prob­a­bly the eas­i­est, es­pe­cially if you have long hair—head rush aside. For best re­sults, tousle your roots with your free hand while dry­ing them. Be­fore you blow-dry, ap­ply a vo­lu­miser to your roots, then comb it through to your ends. If you’ve got curly hair and want ex­tra vol­ume, the up­side-down blow-dry is com­pletely safe (it won’t turn your head into a gi­ant mush­room cloud) as long as you take a few pre­cau­tions. Prep your curls with a ringlet-en­hanc­ing styler and place a dif­fuser at­tach­ment on the dryer.

Q. How do I look hot at the gym? A.

Be­gin with your hair—a pulled-back style is both con­ve­nient and sexy (it shows off your cheek­bones), plus the op­tions are en­dles—try a high pony, cute french braids and fish­tails, or a messy, bed-head bun. Keep make-up to the min­i­mum to avoid streaks—wa­ter­proof mas­cara, lip gloss, and some cream blush should do the trick. Next, work on your out­fit—ID your sex­i­est body bit, and plan your work­out gear around that. So, if you have a taut tummy, wear a sports bra with your track­ies (very 2012). Hot legs? Show them off in short shorts. Draw at­ten­tion to a sexy cleav­age with a scoop-neck top, or keep fo­cus on your arms with help from high-cut vests.

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