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OA study in The Jour­nal of Sex­ual Medicine has found that you’re more likely to cli­max if you try dif­fer­ent sex moves, rather than stick­ing to just a few. Here’s a list of tech­niques that guar­an­tee an or­gasm. Sit him down, and strad­dle one of his legs. As you make-out, rub your cli­toris against his thigh. Take his pe­nis in your mouth, and go all the way down on him. Get into stand­ing­dog­gie po­si­tion, take his hand and press it against your cli­toris with your hand on top to en­sure you get the ex­act pres­sure/ move­ment you need. Fin­ish off things by mov­ing your legs closer to­gether—the ex­tra-tight fit will make things more in­tense, push­ing you both over the edge.

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