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Q. My boyfriend and his ex still talk a lot. I trust him, but why does he want to talk to her when he has me? A.

know that he isn’t go­ing to get you there. Luck­ily, there’s one thing that will al­most al­ways dis­tract a man—and that’s his or­gasm! So if he’s been giv­ing you oral for longer than is com­fort­able, grab his hair, pull him up, and tell him you want him inside you. If he’s al­ready inside you but not giv­ing up, just ask him to come—he will hon­our your re­quest. Lastly, if he’s tak­ing long be­cause he doesn’t have the right moves, try some sub­tle coach­ing. Tell him you just read about a tech­nique in Cosmo that you’re dy­ing to try. Then, if you like it, moan a lit­tle louder than usual so he knows.

As­sum­ing “a lot” means once a week or some­thing along those lines, my bet is that you have noth­ing to worry about. He talks to her for the same rea­son he talks to his friends, co-work­ers, fam­ily, and the guy who cuts his hair or fixes his com­puter: he knows them, en­joys their com­pany and they’re part of his his­tory. The sim­ple fact is, no mat­ter how great you are, it’s only healthy that he has peo­ple in his life that he can chat with. True, he hasn’t slept with any of these peo­ple (prob­a­bly!) but your BF is clearly be­ing open about it, which means that he thinks the two of you have a re­la­tion­ship solid enough to make his stay­ing friends with an ex no big deal!

Q. My BFF is con­stantly im­i­tat­ing me. She shops with me and lands up buy­ing the same stuff, all the time! I don’t want to be rude or up­set her but I want her to stop. What can I do? A.

Help her get out from un­der your shadow. She ob­vi­ously idolises you and ei­ther wants to be you or some­one like you. You need to un­der­stand this from her per­spec­tive; she is ob­vi­ously in­se­cure in her own shoes (quite, lit­er­ally!) and might need a lit­tle en­cour­age­ment. Take her out, just the two of you and talk to her. Ask her about her likes and dis­likes. Ap­pre­ci­ate her thoughts and help her come up with her own taste. Take her shop­ping but this time, get her to try and pick things that she likes or would want to wear. Be there for her and guide her but en­sure she starts grad­u­ally mak­ing her own style choices!

Q. I love the way Se­lena Gomez worked the baroque trend, but ev­ery time I’ve tried it, I end up look­ing like my grand­mom’s couch. Guid­ance, please! A.

Baroque is su­per hot right now but it’s a tricky trend to nail. To ease your­self into wear­ing this right, keep it sub­tle and sim­ple. So rather than a baroque print dress, start with a lit­tle baroque de­tail­ing on your leg­gings, shoes or bag. Try and stick to one dom­i­nat­ing el­e­ment of baroque within your look, and keep the rest min­i­mal. This won’t be as over­whelm­ing and will help you baby-step your way into go­ing all-out baroque.

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