Ku­nal Kapoor,

Cosmopolitan (India) - - MEN & YOU - It’s a Rush

“Sci­ence has a lot of facts and fig­ures when it comes to fall­ing in love. Re­search has shown, it takes be­tween 90 sec­onds and four min­utes to de­cide if you fancy some­one. Sci­en­tists will give you a list of chem­i­cals rang­ing from adren­a­line to dopamine, and tell you in what ex­act mea­sure they ac­tu­ally kick in but ask them what it feels like, and chances are they’ll have a hard time de­scrib­ing it. For me love is a lit­tle like sky­div­ing. You’re scared stiff at first, then you scream out loud, both from the rush and lack of oxy­gen, feel­ing slightly dis­ori­ented. But once the para­chute opens, you find a place of ab­so­lute peace and si­lence. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with your feet firmly on the ground, in­stead of face down.

Some­times, it also feels like a com­bi­na­tion of Face­book and Google— you want to put ev­ery­thing out there, and share it all with your part­ner, no mat­ter how silly or triv­ial.”

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