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When did you first de­cide to be a dessert chef? Shaana Gwynne:


“I’ve been bak­ing since I was a kid. I haven’t had any for­mal train­ing, but my hus­band has been my in­spi­ra­tion. He’s a chef and helped me de­velop my skills as a baker.” C:

What the best part about mak­ing desserts for a liv­ing? SG:

“I love the sat­is­fac­tory grins on peo­ple’s faces when they eat a tasty cup­cake or see a tiered cake. But most of all, I have such a crazy sweet tooth that it’s awe­some to be able to bake what­ever

I want to eat!”

What’s the hard­est part? SG:


“Bak­ers have to wake up early. I am not a morn­ing per­son at all. It’s my nev­erend­ing bat­tle!”

Can you re­call a funny culi­nary in­ci­dent? SG:


“I started out as a very messy baker. When I first baked for my hus­band, he walked into the apart­ment and there was flour ev­ery­where and I threw a ball of dough at him like a five-year-old child. Need­less to say, he was mor­ti­fied!”

Shirt and jeans, Shaana’s own; ring and cuff, Cu­rio Cottage; T-strap san­dals, Chris­tian Louboutin

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