Can Jeans Make You Sick?

...and other ways look­ing hot can harm your health.

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Tight-arse trauma Neu­ro­log­i­cal ex­perts say skin-tight jeans can pinch nerves in your legs, caus­ing a con­di­tion called Tingling Thigh Syn­drome. Avoid it by choos­ing skin­nies with plenty of span­dex. Hear this, hairdryer A daily blow dry on the high­est set­ting can lead to hear­ing loss. “The hair cells in your in­ner ear get over-used, so they give up and col­lapse,” says Aus­tralian Hear­ing’s Janette Thor­burn. A too-close shave Shar­ing a ra­zor can spread dis­eases such as hep­ati­tis C. Viruses can be trans­ferred by blood contact— which can hap­pen if you nick your self and don’t sani­tise the blade.

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