Can You SHOP for a Hus­band?

Ac­cord­ing to au­thor Jan­ice Lieber­man, Mr Per­fect may only be a few shop­ping rules away!

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So you’re a shop­ping pro? Lucky girl! Ac­cord­ing to Jan­ice Lieber­man’s book, How To Shop For A Hus­band: A Con­sumer Guide To Get­ting A Great Buy On A Guy, ba­sic buy­ing prin­ci­ples can help snag the per­fect man. Read on for some of Jan­ice’s ‘ul­ti­mate bargain’ rules...

Make a List: Write down ex­actly what you want in a guy, just like a shop­ping list. But not stuff like ‘great looks, money, hu­mour’...make a list of qual­i­ties that really, truly count. “I help daters make a PGHM Shop­ping List (that’s Per­fectly Good Hus­band Ma­te­rial). Per­fectly Good Hus­bands may wear ugly shoes (at least un­til you make ‘af­ter-pur­chase re­pairs’, but they may be good peo­ple, are kind to an­i­mals, and have all the ‘op­tions’ that are per­fect for you,” says Jan­ice.

Read the La­bel: You wouldn’t buy a face cream with­out read­ing the back of the bot­tle, right? Do the same with men. Use the In­ter­net to know a guy’s his­tory—is he mar­ried, or a player, or both? “Also, look for signs that a guy is a lemon. Seems to have no friends? Is dis­re­spect­ful to wait­ers? For­gets ev­ery story you tell? Time to go back to the store!”

Pick the Clas­sic: “Look for a guy who will with­stand the test of time—the guy-equiv­a­lent of a lit­tle black dress,” says Jan­ice. “You want val­ues and sin­cer­ity, not trendy pack­ag­ing.”

Shop Alone: “If there is one dress on sale and you both want it, that’s an is­sue,” says Jan­ice. “This ap­plies to dat­ing as well.”

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