Ex­actly How to Get a Great Hair­style!

Brent Bar­ber, artis­tic di­rec­tor and part­ner of b:blunt sa­lons, talks good hair...

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C: What’s the eti­quette on tip­ping at swanky sa­lons? Should a girl do it, not do it, and how much? BB: COSMO: What’s the best way to get your hair­styl­ist to give you the cut you want? BRENT BAR­BER:

“99% of our con­sul­ta­tions start with the client say­ing some­thing like, ‘I want a to­tal change but don’t re­duce the length, and I don’t want too many lay­ers’. But chang­ing the length and vary­ing lay­ers are the two key ways to get a new look! Car­ry­ing a pic­ture is a great start­ing point, and I would sug­gest walking in with an open mind, ready for change.”

Tip­ping eti­quette is a tricky one and is up to the in­di­vid­ual. Where ever I am, in the world, I al­ways ask my­self—was it good ser­vice? If yes, then a tip is war­ranted. If not, then you aren’t obliged to. Our team phi­los­o­phy is that it’s never ex­pected, but al­ways ap­pre­ci­ated.”

C: What are the three styling prod­ucts you swear by? BB:

“I love us­ing the L’Oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Tec.ni Art Hair Mix Supreme Smooth. It gives a lovely nat­u­ral beachy-ef­fect when ap­plied to curly hair. To add tex­ture to shorter styles, I’m in love with the L’Oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Homme Clay. No hair stylist can sur­vive with­out a can of hair spray, and there’s noth­ing bet­ter than the clas­sic L’Oréal El­nett spray!”

C: What’s the one hair­cut or trend that you’re lov­ing

right now? C: When a hair­cut goes bad, usu­ally too short bangs or too many lay­ers, what’s the best way to res­cue it un­til it grows out? BB:

“I nor­mally work to find the best thing for each, in­di­vid­ual client. My per­sonal pref­er­ence is about look­ing

ef­fort­lessly chic, with a lit­tle bit of quirk­i­ness thrown in for good mea­sure. I en­cour­age my clients to adopt a ver­sion

of that for their hair­cuts.”


“If you come to b:blunt, you won’t be in that po­si­tion in the first place! But, if that does hap­pen, the best thing to do is visit a good stylist who can ad­vise you on a dam­age lim­i­ta­tion strat­egy and help with a plan to get your hair back on track. But

L’Oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Tec.ni Art Hair Mix Supreme Smooth, 570

L’Oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Homme Pot Clay,

550 L’Oréal Paris El­nett Satin Spray, 525

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