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1. Your gym crush asks you to at­tend a con­cert with him, but when

you get there, it’s sold out. You:

a Say, “Well, that’s great. What are we sup­posed to do now?” “You just got that from your closet, right? I swear you own some­thing ex­actly like it.”


b Sug­gest you two check out the palm­reader you passed on the way in­stead. “Wow, babe! You switch up your style more of­ten than the style chameleon, Ri­hanna, her­self!”


c Scope out the back of the place, look­ing for a low fence to hop.

2. You’re dy­ing to get with your man, but he’s still at work. How do you

let him know you’re crav­ing him?

Snap a pic of your cleav­age and text it to him with “Wish it were 8pm al­ready.” Sug­gest go­ing on the trip with­out an agenda. You’ll fig­ure out which way to go and where to stay on the fly. How many dif­fer­ent moves are there in the Kama Su­tra?

0c– 1,b– 2,a–


1;c– 2,b– 0,a–





Slip your panties un­der his front door, so when he opens it, he can’t miss ’em. Pull out your plan­ner to find a time to resched­ule. He should know you need at least two weeks’ no­tice. Uh, you didn’t keep count, but it was one steamy evening.

1;c– 0,b– 2,a–


0;c– 2,b– 1,a–





Send him an e-mail that says “You have no idea how ex­cited I am to see you tonight!”

3. Af­ter your newish guy springs an im­promptu road trip on you one

week­end, you:

Are pumped to get away with him and start brain­storm­ing a cou­ple of fun de­tours you two can take along the drive.

4. You show your BFF the hot new dress you’re plan­ning to wear on your

date tonight. When she sees it, she says:

“Love it. Your boobs al­ways look amaz­ing in a strap­less dress, and the fit does won­ders for your butt.”

5. One night, you and your man de­cide to have a sexy Satur­day in. How

many po­si­tions do you try?

Just a cou­ple. You al­ready know what you like.

2;c– 1,b– 0,a–



Dat­ing you is like rid­ing a roller coaster with non-stop twists and turns, but don’t be sur­prised if he even­tu­ally wants to hop off. “Be­ing un­pre­dictable is sexy, be­cause it keeps guys on their toes,” says dat­ing coach David Wygant. “Yet, guys look for some sta­bil­ity in a re­la­tion­ship.” Since it’s qui­eter mo­ments (e.g., en­joy­ing sex with­out burn­ing through the en­tire Kama Su­tra) that help fos­ter in­ti­macy, it’s cru­cial to in­clude them in the mix too.

4 TO 6 POINTS From your up-for-any­thing at­ti­tude (vis­it­ing a psy­chic) to your cre­ativ­ity in the boudoir (send­ing a saucy sext), you keep men se­ri­ously in­trigued. Still, you’re not over­the-top wild—you also have a chill side. “Flex­i­bil­ity is key,” says Bethany Mar­shall, Ph.D., au­thor of Deal Break­ers. “Although you like hav­ing ad­ven­tures, you don’t need to do high-in­ten­sity things con­stantly.” As a re­sult, dudes can let their guard down and really be them­selves.


Since you never spring any­thing un­ex­pected on them, guys feel su­per com­fort­able around you...but that’s not al­ways good. “While men ap­pre­ci­ate a de­gree of rou­tine, they’ll get bored if you never sur­prise them,” Wygant says. So push your­self to switch things up. It’s a win­win: he’ll find your spon­tane­ity hot, and you’ll ex­pose your­self to new ex­pe­ri­ences you might end up to­tally lov­ing.

She’d agreed to be his ‘get­away


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