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“I had a gi­ant crush on one of my best guy friends but couldn’t work up the courage to tell him. One day, he asked if I wanted to hang out to­gether in the evening. I said yes, think­ing it could be my chance to flirt with him. I wore a pair of heels, hop­ing he’d no­tice that I was more dressed up than usual. A cou­ple min­utes into our stroll, I was “Right be­fore my boyfriend opened the gift I got him, he said, ‘It’s not an­other book, is it?’ It to­tally was.”

—@suzy0123 “I got a work friend a win-and­cheese gift set for New Year. She was lac­tose in­tol­er­ant + got se­vere

wine rash.” —@lo­max­ium

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