Cosmopolitan (India) - - #CONFESSIONS -

“I’d just been through a rough breakup when this adorable guy asked me out on a date. Know­ing that my best friend would be happy for me—he was the first guy I’d be go­ing out with in a long time—I took a photo of his Face­book pic­ture and texted it to her with the cap­tion ‘This is Ro­hit, and we’re giong out Satur­day night!!!’ A few min­utes later, my phone vi­brated. It was a mes­sage...from Ro­hit. He said, ‘I know. I asked you out.’ I had ac­ci­den­tally sent that photo and mes­sage to him in­stead of to my friend! I felt like the big­gest id­iot of all time.”

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