For Ev­ery Mood (From Cud­dly to Kinky!)

You are a woman of many moods, and keep­ing this in mind, we’ve paired 20 amaz­ing sex moves to 20 dif­fer­ent moods. So go ahead, get crazy. Or don’t!

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Jes­sica Knoll

When you just want to snug­gle up, lie with your head on his chest, and trace cute lit­tle mes­sages across his torso (“So happy”/“You’re hot”). Then let him re­cip­ro­cate by writ­ing his own love note across your back.

There are days when you are on: your hair is be­hav­ing bril­liantly, and you’re own­ing your skinny jeans— and those are the days to show off the goods. Strad­dle him while he’s ly­ing on his back on the bed, and lean back so your el­bows are rest­ing be­hind you. Your body should form a semi- bridge. From here, let him do the work. It’s a to­tal rush know­ing that he’s tak­ing in ev­ery inch of you and lov­ing ev­ery moment of it.

con­dom on and start go­ing down on him. Af­ter a few min­utes, take it off and con­tinue. Go­ing from sheathed to bare-skinned sud­denly will make your mouth and tongue feel so much more in­tense. Go com­mando on a date— while he’s driv­ing or while you’re sit­ting in the movie the­ater, slyly slip his hand un­der­neath your skirt, and give him a saucy lit­tle smile.

Hot- cold play is not Chris Martin’s side band: it’s when you al­ter­nate the sen­sa­tions to build ten­sion, be­cause you don’t know which you’re go­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence next. Take turns blind­fold­ing each other and teas­ing sen­si­tive spots like the neck, nip­ples, and in­ner thighs with ice cubes and your warm breath.

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