I’m wor­ried about my best friend. She’s be­come so lazy. She can never be both­ered to go out and com­plains about money, although I know she has plenty. She spends all day watch­ing TV in her py­ja­mas. Help!

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Her be­hav­iour shows signs of clas­sic de­pres­sion, not lazi­ness. Your friend is in a dark and lonely place. Tell her gen­tly that you’ve no­ticed a change and ask her if there’s a rea­son be­hind it. Wait for her re­ply—she needs you to lis­ten, not lec­ture. If she doesn’t open up, or if the prob­lem is deep-rooted, urge her gen­tly but firmly to talk to a doc­tor. Also, jot down the num­ber of your doc, and put it by her phone be­fore you leave her.

Q. I sug­gested to my boyfriend of two years that we put money away to­gether in a joint sav­ings ac­count. He said no as he doesn’t know any other cou­ple with

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