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“My best friend likes to send me hi­lar­i­ous, NSFW (not safe for work) videos. I al­ways turn my com­puter screen to­ward my cu­bi­cle wall, plug my ear­phones in, and play them. One day, she sent one of a guy prank­ing his friend by pre­tend­ing to be a phone-sex op­er­a­tor. I went through my usual mo­tions and watched it—and when I turned my chair around when it was over, ev­ery­one in my of­fice was star­ing at me. I’d plugged my head­phones into the wrong out­let, and all my co-work­ers had heard the whole dirty phone-sex video!” his place and saw a pair of women’s flip- flops in his room. I freaked out on him and ac­cused him of cheat­ing on me. He then in­formed me that the women’s shoes were ac­tu­ally his be­cause his feet were too small to fit into men’s sizes. I was so mor­ti­fied about ac­ci­den­tally mak­ing fun of his size, that I left, and we’ve never spo­ken again. I still feel like the worst per­son ever!”

She was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to walk in her shoes!

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