The Sex Moves That Bring You Closer

Any trick that makes sex hot­ter for both of you will make you feel more con­nected—in and out of bed. We asked women to re­veal their most game-chang­ing moves.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By An­nie Daly

THE LIFT “Don’t get too jeal­ous, but my guy is in­sanely good at giv­ing oral. One time, right when I was about to come, I lifted my butt a few inches off the mat­tress and clenched my butt mus­cles for a cou­ple of sec­onds. The ten­sion made my or­gasm stronger than ever!” —Rita, 25

THE KNEEL “My boyfriend and I made up a move, and now when we use it, we feel ex­tra close, since it’s our thing. I lie down on my left side and pull my top leg as close to my chest as I can. Then he kneels be­hind me and goes in, so our bod­ies are per­pen­dic­u­lar. He strokes my boobs and hips and hits my cli­toris per­fectly!” —Layla, 29

THE SUR­REN­DER “I was al­ways cu­ri­ous about S&M but felt it was too kinky for me. Then one time, my guy held my hands over my head and wouldn’t let go...and I loved it! It felt like I’m be­ing taken, but it was com­fort­able since I wasn’t tied up.” —Neha, 27

THE CLOSER “When my guy is get­ting close, I pause and get into dog­gi­estyle. Then he touches me down there for the fi­nal mo­ments as he’s thrust­ing, and it’s nearly guar­an­teed that we’ll come at the same time. When we do, it makes us feel more bonded.” —Lisha, 27

Next time, she vowed to wear com­fort­able shoes

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