IS YOUR EX Mess­ing With Your Love Life?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1. You’re on a first date when you see your old BF. You:

a Say “hey” as you pass by, then lead your date to a ta­ble in a pri­vate spot far away. b Head over and make in­tro­duc­tions, then linger a bit to scope out the girl he’s with. c Tell your date that you have to leave—like, now.

2. Look around your place. What do you see that re­minds you of him?

a His old box­ers that you like to sleep in b A pic of you two with his face scratched out. You look hot, so... c The Steve Jobs bio he bought to seem cool but never read

3. What’s the most per­sonal thing you’ve told your new man about the last guy you dated?

a His pet name for you b Hmm, let me think... the fact that he’s a to­tal ass­hole? c His mom’s name, his sis­ter’s name, his best friend’s name, and his pet’s name

4. You know your ex is go­ing to be at a mu­tual friend’s wed­ding, so you:

a Hang all over your hot date to make the jerk jeal­ous. b Po­litely ask your friend not to sit you and your date at your ex’s ta­ble. c Go solo and won­der what the hell hap­pened to you guys.

5. You’re on a sec­ond date with a guy when he asks about your pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship. You say:

a “He de­serves to be in jail. Know a good lawyer?” b “You would love him. We should all go out!” c “Solid guy. We just weren’t good to­gether.”

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