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“I was in line for the wash­room at a bar, and this smelly guy next to me started rant­ing about how he hates wait­ing, blah blah. On my way back to my ta­ble, I saw an old col­lege class­mate. We chat­ted for a bit, and then she asked me where the re­stroom was. I warned her: ‘Watch out for the weirdo. He won’t shut up, and he smells like an ash­tray’. As I said that, the man him­self emerged, and my class­mate said, ‘ Uh, him?’ I nod­ded, and she snapped, ‘That’s my fi­ancé’. I tried to ex­plain that I was kid­ding, but she just smiled stiffly, told me she hoped I’d en­joy my wine, and left. Awkward.”

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