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“Some of my friends and I were hav­ing din­ner at this new Span­ish restau­rant, and I ca­su­ally flirted with this hot guy at the ta­ble next to ours. As we were leav­ing, I got up to put my coat on and some­how got stuck at an awkward an­gle. I was flail­ing my arms around to wig­gle free when we heard a loud crunch! I’d ac­ci­dently whacked the cutie diner who I’d been flirt­ing with, with my el­bow! Ap­par­ently, he had stood up to try and help me, right be­fore I un­know­ingly hit him in the face. I apol­o­gised sev­eral times and he tried to laugh if off too, but he didn’t ask for my num­ber at the end of it.”

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