Break Out of an Or­gasm Rut

If you’re lucky enough to have fig­ured out a go-to, it doesn’t mean your big mo­ment can’t be even big­ger. Who couldn’t use more tricks in their reper­toire?

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If Girl-on-Top Does It for


This Will Too Mis­sion­ary us­ing the CAT (coital align­ment tech­nique)

Why It Works

Get into mis­sion­ary po­si­tion, then have him po­si­tion him­self so his pelvis is in line with yours. Then, he should use a fig­ure-eight mo­tion to mas­sage your cli­toris with his

pelvic bone.

If Oral Does It for You…

This Will Too

A lit­tle ex­tra lube

Why It Works What you’re re­spond­ing to dur­ing oral is all the lu­bri­ca­tion from his mouth com­bined with pres­sure from his tongue. A lot of peo­ple think lube only for when a woman feels dry—not the case! Have him touch your cli­toris dur­ing sex with a

lubed-up digit.

If a Lit­tle Ex­tra Help Does It for


This Will Too You time. A lot

of it.

Why It Works Want to wean your­self off your aid? For the next three months, take half an hour a few times a week (the same as you would do for the gym!) to ex­per­i­ment with touch­ing your­self in var­i­ous ways un­til you find your

new go-to.

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