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Q Is it a waste of money to get a gel pedi­cure? A. Not if you’re go­ing to the beach. Sand and salt­wa­ter strip shine and cause reg­u­lar pol­ish to chip. (Try the Bour­jois Paris one, above. It prom­ises to dry in one sec­ond!) Q Is it san­i­tary to use bar soap? A. Yes, if it’s stored on a wire rack (not a shelf or dish), which keeps it dry and bac­te­ria-free. How­ever, keep away from us­ing it on your face. Q Why do I con­stantly get a pim­ple in the same spot? A. Blame left­over bac­te­ria (pop­ping a zit pushes it deep into pores). Ap­ply anti--bac­te­rial ben­zoyl per­ox­ide twice daily for a week.

Bour­jois Paris 1 Se­conde Pinceau Gel Nail Paint in Rouge Pro­found and Bleu Moon­light, ` 380 each For­est Es­sen­tials Lux­ury But­ter Soap in Fresh Turmeric, ` 325

L’Occitane Ra­di­ance and Colour Care Sham­poo,

` 1,290

Wella Pro­fes­sion­als Bril­liance Color

Pro­tec­tion Sham­poo, ` 475 Q Should I use sham­poo for­mu­lated to pre­serve my colour or con­trol my tex­ture?

A. Colour trumps tex­ture—it’s a pricey in­vest­ment! Af­ter wash­ing, en­hance or tame your tex­ture with styling prod­ucts.

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