Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“My col­lege room­mate, Ko­mal, scored a job in the same city I live in, and I was ex­cited for us to re­unite. But she was go­ing to live with a child­hood friend, Megha. The morn­ing of Ko­mal’s ar­rival, I was late to pick her up and couldn’t find a cab... un­til I saw one pull up for a girl who had just beaten me to it. Wet and late, I jumped in front of her and hissed, ‘Sorry, but I re­ally need this.’ I heard her say, ‘Are you se­ri­ous?!’ as I slammed the door, but I didn’t care. When I got to the air­port, Ko­mal told me that Megha was com­ing to meet us, too. Guess who Megha was? Yep, the taxi cab girl. She was cold to me and I could tell she recog­nised me from my thiev­ery. Ko­mal still can’t fig­ure out why her roomie doesn’t like me!” —Neha Tre­han, 27


“I was on a date at an out­door beer gar­den when a bee started buzzing around me. I freaked, started swat­ting the air, and accidentally knocked over a full pitcher of beer into my date’s lap! He was a good sport, but I was mor­ti­fied.”

—Priyal Joshi, 24


“A few months af­ter I broke up with my boyfriend, a cute guy asked me out, and ap­pre­hen­sively, I said yes. One of my friends came up with a great plan for me: wear granny panties on the date but keep a sexy pair in my purse to en­sure that I’d go home with him only if it was a good idea. I took her ad­vice and ar­rived on the date wear­ing a huge, beige pair. We hit it off, so halfway through din­ner, I ex­cused my­self to change. I had the bloomers half way down my butt when the door creaked open and I saw my date star­ing at me. Turns out, I had walked into the men’s room! I had no choice but to ex­plain the sit­u­a­tion. But he clearly lost in­ter­est, and we never spoke again.”

—Anamika Jain, 27


“One night, I was re­ally tired while tex­ting this girl I was dat­ing. Plus, our con­ver­sa­tion was bor­ing me. So to keep awake, I de­cided to steer into sexy ter­ri­tory. I told her I couldn’t stop think­ing about the time that we had sex on the beach... Be­fore she even re­sponded, I sent an­other text about the time we had sex in the bath­room at a sushi restau­rant. Only prob­lem was, I was rem­i­nisc­ing with the wrong girl! She quickly called me out for my player ways and called me an a**hole. She’s ig­nored me ever since and I learned to never, ever, sext while tired.” —Nikhil Bhar­gava, 23

The an­ti­dote to a bor­ing date: a bub­ble maker!

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