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“When I was in col­lege, I dated this guy who had sheets that smelled so ter­ri­ble, like a combo of stale sweat and dirty socks, that I ended up dump­ing him. It was a com­plete deal breaker—talk about un-sexy! So when I grad­u­ated, I de­cided to in­vest in deluxe, crisp, white, high-thread-count cot­ton sheets so I’d never have to deal with un-sexy col­lege-guy hook-ups again. I’m mar­ried now, and my hus­band and I bought our own fancy sheets. And I have to say, our sex life is just as deluxe. Not only do the sheets mo­ti­vate us to have more sex (who doesn’t want to get tan­gled up in nice linens?), but also, we feel more adult, so we act like it too. We com­mu­ni­cate and tell each

other what feels good and what doesn’t and what we want more of. The moral: bet­ter sheets equal more

(and bet­ter) sex.” —Katie Y., 28

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