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1. On a first date, what do you usu­ally find your­self fo­cus­ing on?

a. How jeal­ous your friends will be when they see you with this hot guy. b. If you two will hit it off— duh! Is this a trick ques­tion? c. Whether you’re say­ing the right things for him to like you.

2. At catch- up din­ners with your besties, you usu­ally...

a. Love go­ing around the ta­ble and hear­ing what’s go­ing on with ev­ery­one. b. Fo­cus on your friends’ up­dates. Hey, some­one’s got to be the lis­tener. c. Find that your friends are so cap­ti­vated by your sto­ries, you barely get to eat!

3. When you’re on Face­book, you’re usu­ally...

a. Like-ing your friends’ posts and com­ments (and oc­ca­sion­ally get­ting lost in the vor­tex that is your ex’s wall) b. Mon­i­tor­ing who Likes your pho­tos and sta­tus up­dates. So far 32 Likes on news of your work pro­mo­tion! c. Feel­ing guilty that you’ve missed so many peo­ple’s birthdays! You’re never on FB any­more.

4. Your In­sta­gram pic­tures are mostly…

a. Self­ies or shots of you. Pretty much any place can be a back­drop for a por­trait! b. Shots of your pals and cool stuff that catches your eye, like pup­pies in sweaters. c. You can’t re­mem­ber the last time you posted. Who’d want to see your life?

5. How many times a day do you check your­self out in the mir­ror?

a. Hardly ever. As long as you don’t have spinach in your teeth, you try to avoid catch­ing your re­flec­tion. b. Too many to count! And if you for­get your com­pact, your friend’s sun­glasses and ran­dom win­dows do the trick. c. Maybe five? Ba­si­cally, when you get dressed in the morn­ing, and when­ever you make a bath­room stop.

‘I’d like to kiss... my­self’

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