Ever won­der if your boyfriend re­ally does think you look hot in that su­per snug LBD, or if he re­ally doesn’t think your best friend is all that cute? We dug ex­tra deep to re­veal the ugly truth!

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Re­searchers at the Science Mu­seum, Lon­don, found that men tell twice as many lies as women! Sur­prised? The study went on to ex­plain how men tell about six fibs a day on aver­age, while us women come out with three. To­tally in­trigued by th­ese facts, we con­ducted our own lit­tle ex­per­i­ment and asked 1,000 men to take our lie de­tec­tor sur­vey—giv­ing hon­est an­swers to tricky Qs. Th­ese re­sults will come in handy the next time it feels like your part­ner is fib­bing—trust your gut (and th­ese solid num­bers)! Psst... we even got some of the guys to ’fess up and ex­plain why they feel the need to lie about this stuff!


61% of guys have lied about how much some­thing ac­tu­ally hurt them

“I hide this all the time be­cause I’m not okay with other peo­ple get­ting a glimpse of my emo­tional side.”

—Pranesh, 20

53% of guys have lied about not hav­ing a girl­friend/wife

“In my de­fence, my GF at the time wanted to keep things quiet, and I didn’t feel the need to chal­lenge her on that.”

—Pranay, 25

49% of guys have lied about how much money they make

“I hate the idea of hav­ing some­one judge me or my ca­pa­bil­i­ties based on how much money I make.”

—Hi­man­shu, 23

44% of guys have lied to a girl about their feel­ings to get her in bed.

“Guys lie be­cause they lack con­fi­dence, es­pe­cially when it comes to se­duc­ing a woman.”

—Sa­harsh, 23

52% of guys have lied about be­ing heart­bro­ken

“As far as I know, most men will al­ways try to hide this side from the world.”

—Shash­wat, 20

46% of guys have lied about cheat­ing on their part­ner

“Guys tend to want ev­ery­thing with­out the has­sle of judg­ment and re­spon­si­bil­ity—they’d rather just get away with stuff.”

—Su­vansh, 21

38% of guys have lied about how many exes they’ve had

“I think most guys ex­ag­ger­ate their num­ber, just to feel awe­some about be­ing an ‘alpha stud’.”

—Yash, 20

23% of guys have lied about how tall they are

“I think it’s be­cause no one likes be­ing re­jected for some­thing they have no con­trol over. Plus, women love taller men!

—Karan, 19

39% of guys have lied about how much pain they’re in

“Ev­ery­body feels pain! But men are ex­pected to be su­per­ma­cho and so we’ve got to be Stal­lones-in-the-mak­ing.”

—Abhishek, 20

43% of guys have lied about their re­la­tion­ship sta­tus

“Well, mostly be­cause be­ing sin­gle makes you more at­trac­tive to ev­ery­one, in gen­eral.”

—Lalit, 28

30% of guys have lied about their pro­fes­sional achieve­ments

“It’s a morale booster when you’re feel­ing com­pet­i­tive to­wards some­one and you don’t want them look­ing down on you.” —

Tushar, 27

35% of guys have lied to their girl­friend about

her weight!

“Be­cause no man wants his GF to feel in­se­cure, even though no man wants to date a chubby girl ei­ther. It’s a fine line.”

—Charudutt, 24

30% of guys have lied to their GF about her bed­room skills

“Be­cause I don’t want her to feel awkward or lose con­fi­dence—we can al­ways work on it to­gether.”

—Nazeem, 24

38% of guys have lied about not be­ing at­tracted to their GF’s friends

“Be­cause we’re try­ing to avoid the has­sle of an ar­gu­ment, be­cause it’s just not worth it.”

—Anu­raag, 29

70% of guys have lied about where they are to their fam­i­lies/GFs/bosses

“Be­cause I’m upto no good, or I just might want some space for a lit­tle bit.”

—Daniel, 24

27% of guys have lied to their GF about her too-tight dress

“Be­cause telling her it’s tootight or not flat­ter­ing will lead to hor­ri­ble reper­cus­sions later that night.”

—Harshit, 22

82% of guys have lied to get out of do­ing some­thing they didn’t want to do

“I think this one’s pretty self-ex­plana­tory. We hate run­ning errands and we hate be­ing nagged— this is the so­lu­tion!

—Navneet, 27

28% of guys have lied about their job

“Be­cause say­ing you don’t have a fancy job, or a job at all, isn’t re­ally gonna get the ladies to pay at­ten­tion to you.”

— Swap­nil, 25

58% of guys have lied about bad cell re­cep­tion when they’re out with friends

“Be­case guys need to get away from the con­stant smoth­er­ing or pos­ses­sive be­hav­iour we are of­ten sub­jected to.”

—Nis­hank, 25

49% of guys have lied about check­ing out other women when they’re out with some­one

“Men usu­ally lie about this ’cause women don’t like the idea of us look­ing at other women—it’s a jeal­ously trig­ger no one wants.”

—Dhruv, 23

18% of guys have lied about their cos­metic in­dul­gences

“It’s only be­cause men aren’t sup­posed to care about their skin and the way the look. Per­son­ally, I think that’s un­fair.”

—Ryan, 26

57% of guys have lied and pre­tended a girl re­ally isn’t that pretty

“Good look­ing women are so used to hav­ing men ogle at them that it’s best to play it safe and be non­cha­lant, spark­ing her in­ter­est.”

—Vikram, 31

27% of guys have lied about how old they are

“I ei­ther in­crease or de­crease my age, de­pend­ing on the age of the girl I’m try­ing to im­press.”

—Vishal, 23

38% of guys have lied about the num­ber of women they’ve slept with

“Most prob­a­bly be­cause the girl I’m see­ing might not be be okay with my ‘real’ num­ber, and it could com­pli­cate things be­tween us.”

—Akhilesh, 32

61% of guys have lied and said they’ve done some­thing that they were asked to do, but they ac­tu­ally hadn’t done it

“Be­cause I might agree to it at first ’cause I don’t want to get into the ar­gu­ment with the per­son who re­quested it. I’ll just try to make it as far as I can with­out get­ting caught.”

—Robin, 24

52% of guys have lied and told a girl they’ll call her

“It’s prob­a­bly be­cause the guy has a few op­tions wait­ing in queue, but he doesn’t know how to tell you straight up.”

—Vi­nay, 28

59% of guys have lied about watch­ing porn.

“I won’t be sur­prised if this is the most com­mon lie men tell, be­cause they feel their rep­u­ta­tion is at stake and of course, women will judge them.”

—Prashant, 31

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