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Re­mem­ber the last time you de­lib­er­ated over some­thing that scared you? Chances are you thought of what could go wrong. “Fear of the un­known pre­vents us from say­ing yes,” says Robin. “It leaves us open to sit­u­a­tions we’re not ready for. But it can stop us from ex­pe­ri­enc­ing all the good things that might come along from say­ing yes.” Here’s how to usher ‘yes’ into our lives...

1Start Small

Maybe don’t go sign­ing up for that bungee jumping ex­pe­ri­ence just yet. “Say­ing yes to ev­ery­thing can leave you drained and con­fused, so be se­lec­tive,” sug­gests Robin. “Fo­cus on what it is you want and say yes to smaller op­por­tu­ni­ties sur­round­ing it.”

2Make a Snap De­ci­sion

Say yes and fig­ure out the rest af­ter­wards. “Half the angst in ac­cept­ing a chal­lenge or an in­vi­ta­tion stems from de­lib­er­at­ing over it,” says Robin. “Re­move the fear and ac­cept the of­fer. Don’t put pres­sure on your­self. The likely reper­cus­sions are rarely as bad as you think them to be.”

3Visu­alise the Buzz

“Say­ing no to op­por­tu­ni­ties can leave us feel­ing guilty and low be­cause we’ve closed a door on our am­bi­tions,” says Robin. “Say­ing yes is ex­hil­a­rat­ing, even if it doesn’t turn out how we planned.” Vi­su­alise that high—noth­ing great comes from stand­ing back.

4Get Over Fail­ure

“Peo­ple feel scared they’ll fail, but it’s only af­ter fail­ure that you re­alise it’s not so bad and you sur­vived,” says Robin. “Some­times the best plans take sev­eral at­tempts, so give them a shot.”

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