Shhh... The Se­crets to Great Skin

Cosmo Ed­i­tor Nan­dini Bhalla spoke to David Khoo, Head Sci­en­tific Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Asia Pa­cific, Olay, to get the dope on achiev­ing flaw­less skin!

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1 En­er­gise your skin.

“Over time, our skin loses its abil­ity to re­spond to the prod­ucts we use. But re­search in­di­cates that if you en­er­gise your skin, it can ac­tu­ally re­spond to ingredients more ef­fec­tively. There are cer­tain ingredients, like Niaci­namide, that can seep di­rectly into your skin’s en­ergy path­way, and once these mol­e­cules are charged, they in­crease in num­ber, thereby in­creas­ing your skin’s en­ergy. The other way is to pro­tect your skin’s abil­ity to pro­duce that en­ergy, and one very clever way is to use an­tiox­i­dants.”

2 Cut down your sugar in­take.

“Cup­cakes are de­li­cious, but they may not be so great for your skin. Sugar re­acts with the col­la­gen in our skin and causes it to stiffen. This stiff­en­ing leads to the loss of elas­tic­ity and de­vel­op­ment of fine lines and wrin­kles. An­other side effect of the sweet stuff is that it causes skin to turn a bit yel­low, as if caramelised.”

3 Man­age stress.

“What can be sur­pris­ing to many women is that emo­tional and men­tal stress can have a long-term im­pact on their skin. When you’re high-strung, your skin starts dry­ing eas­ily and ac­tu­ally be­comes per­me­able—sud­denly, it be­comes more prone to al­ler­gens and bac­te­ria.”

4 Study your genes.

“A good thing to do is to ask your mom about her skin prob­lems through the years—since you’ll likely face the same is­sues, you can take cor­rec­tive steps right now.”

5 Al­ter your regime.

“Your skin changes through the years, so your skin­care should change, too. When you’re a teenager, your skin pro­duces more se­bum, so it’s more prone to acne, and needs to be tack­led ac­cord­ingly. But 10 years later, that oily skin may be­come dry, and will re­quire a hy­drat­ing prod­uct in­stead of an oil-free one. Take stock of your skin needs ev­ery few years.”

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