Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“Af­ter a few months of dat­ing, my boyfriend told me he’d like me to meet his sis­ter Kar­tik, who he ‘ab­so­lutely adores!’ We ar­ranged to meet at this cool, new bar and since Kar­tik was join­ing us an hour later, we de­cided to have a few drinks. When she ar­rived, I was al­ready a lit­tle tipsy, but I put on my most charm­ing face and be­gan chat­ting with her—ex­cept I kept ac­ci­den­tally call­ing her Kar­tika, Kar­tiki,­si­cally ev­ery­thing but

Finger guns cracked her up, ev­ery sin­gle time her ac­tual name! While she laughed it off the first two times, she was clearly peeved when I did it again and pro­ceeded to ig­nore me and talk to her brother in­stead (who looked rather an­noyed, too). I felt like such an id­iot!”

—Bhavika M., 28


“This hor­ri­ble guy I was hook­ing up with dumped me at a party in front of ev­ery­one. Then, about 40 min­utes later, he ap­proached me and dumped me again! He was par­ty­ing

so hard that he for­got he’d al­ready done it. I doused him with my drink and then bounced. What a douche.”

—An­jana V., 22


“I had a crush on this guy in my eco­nom­ics class, but I couldn’t bring my­self to talk to him. One week­end, my friends threw a fancy dress party and he came with his friends. I mus­tered up the guts to go over and talk to him, but on my way, I caught my foot on a power cord and landed face down right in front of him. The good news was that he couldn’t recog­nise me with my fancy dress get-up. The bad news was, I’d sprained my an­kle, so on Mon­day, I hob­bled into class with a cast on. I’m sure he fig­ured out it was me, but in­stead of say­ing some­thing, I just sat far away from him for the rest of the year. I’m so em­bar­rassed!”

— Ko­mal S., 25


“I took this girl to the movies for a first date. She had the most amaz­ing hair...very long and curly. While at the movies, she looked so beau­ti­ful that I put my arm around her. She leaned in to snug­gle, and I ran my fin­gers through her hair. All was go­ing fab­u­lously un­til she tried to move and yelped in pain. Turns out, her hair was tan­gled in my cuff but­ton! We couldn’t get it out, so we had to walk out of the hall lit­er­ally stuck to each other, un­til I could find a pair of scis­sors to chop the sec­tion. She was in tears... be­cause of the phys­i­cal pain and hair loss...and I’m as­sum­ing that’s why we didn’t end up go­ing on a se­cond date.”

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