Make Sex HOT­TER

You get your car tuned up and hardly ever skip a den­tal clean­ing. But there’s no re­minder in your cal­en­dar to recharge your sex life! These moves will turn up the heat, whether you’re newly dat­ing or to­gether for­ever.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Zoe Ru­d­er­man


Ah, that new-car smell. So fresh and un­known. The down­side—you haven’t quite fig­ured out each other’s me­chan­ics. Even if sex is more

fre­quent than Two and a

Half Men re­runs, there’s room for im­prove­ment. “Set a prece­dent and make sure you come first. Women of­ten fo­cus on their guy’s or­gasm, and treat them­selves as an af­ter­thought. Since we’re all crea­tures of habit, do­ing the re­v­erse can pay off in the long run.”

—sexologist Jes­sica O’Reilly, Ph.D.

“I started see­ing some­one more ex­pe­ri­enced, so to al­le­vi­ate awk­ward­ness, I im­me­di­ately asked him what he liked. That made him com­fort­able to tell me what worked, and he asked me the same. Soon, we’d shifted our tech­niques to­wards each other, so sex was amaz­ing. It brought us closer too.” —Ishita S., 19 “I ask, ‘What’s some­thing you’ve never done in bed but want to try?’ What­ever we do won’t get com­pared to an ex.” —Katie G., 30 “Don’t fake it. He’ll keep do­ing the thing that didn’t work. Get started the way you want him to con­tinue, even if it’s awk­ward.”

—sex ed­u­ca­tor Char­lie Glick­man, Ph.D. “My go-to po­si­tion with a new guy is girl-on-top, lean­ing back, grab­bing his an­kles be­hind my back. It’s flat­ter­ing—flat abs, perky boobs—so I can en­joy my­self, not think about my flaws.”

—Akriti M., 33


Pros: go-time. when Cons: you those see each long other, stretches it’s in be­tween and at­tempt­ing phone sex when you feel ridicu­lous de­scrib­ing your vagina and what you’re do­ing to it. “Learn to talk dirty; draw in­spi­ra­tion from books or movies. A few strate­gic words can create greater sex­ual in­ten­sity than a phys­i­cal touch or tech­nique.”

—Jes­sica O’Reilly “I sent my boyfriend lin­gerie and told him it was for when I came to visit the fol­low­ing week.”

—Pia M., 24 “Write an erotic story for his eyes only. Make up char­ac­ters (they could be named af­ter you), and put them in sexy sit­u­a­tions. If pos­si­ble, ac­tu­ally post it in­stead of e-mail­ing it! ” —Jas­mime N., 31 “I swear by bath sex! I’ll put him on speaker and leave my phone near the bath, then get to it.”

—Neha S., 29 “Get ready for a phone date the same way you’d get ready for a real date, so you feel hot.”

—Char­lie Glick­man “My boyfriend trav­els a lot, and I started sleep­ing in our guest room when he was away. It kept our bed feel­ing like our spe­cial sexy place.”

—Sus­sane H., 32 “We’d start off with texts—then talk dirty on the phone. By then, we’d be more than ready to Skype. Hot.”

—Preeti M., 27


You’re both play­ing a lot of roles in the re­la­tion­ship, and not the sexynurse/pa­tient ones. More like room­mates, fi­nan­cial part­ners, or co-par­ents—all things that can push sex to the back burner. Cre­at­ing dis­tance helps re-ig­nite your cu­rios­ity. “My hus­band saw some guy chat me up at a bar, and when we got home, we had this crazy- hot sex. It was like see­ing that other men are at­tracted to me made him want me even more.” —Jess K., 29 “I watch a lot of erotic videos. They’re ex­plicit, but the con­nec­tion turns me on.” —Priyanka M., 31 “Go to din­ner sans panties, but don’t let him find out un­til you’re at the ta­ble. Cou­ples of­ten get dressed in front of each other, so sur­pris­ing him in pub­lic can be es­pe­cially thrilling.” —Jes­sica O’Reilly “Break out the blind­fold, but use it on your­self, not him. It will heighten your other senses and re­in­force a sense of curi os­ity about his body, some­thing that’s lost af­ter you’ve seen your guy naked a thou­sand times.” —Tanvi G., 26 “Keep one-up­ping your­selves. Once a month, brain­storm some­thing you’ve never tried, and do it. I once heard a cou­ple of 40 years say they’ve been to­gether for so long be­cause they just keep get­ting kinkier.”

—Char­lie Glick­man “Our life feels like it’s turned into one er­rand af­ter an­other, so we’ve started as­sign­ing sex acts to er­rands. His go­ing down on me equals gro­cery store, so now I love our trips to the lo­cal su­per­mar­ket.”

—Jay­ati C., 30

“Talk dirty, but out­side the bed­room. Cou­ples at this stage make the mis­take of only do­ing this in bed, and it can start to feel re­hearsed. So whis­per some­thing wicked in his ear at a restau­rant, while gro­cery shop­ping, any­where.” —Jes­sica O’Reilly

“Role-play as soon as you walk in. Cou­ples tend to re­cap their days, and it’s hard to feel foxy af­ter vent­ing. Com­ing home as ‘some­one

else’ fixes that.” —Rad­hika S., 28 “Watch him make a work pre­sen­ta­tion. Or do any­thing else he does well, es­pe­cially if it’s in front of other peo­ple. It’ll re­mind you why you fell for him, and it’s a turn- on to know you get to go home with him.”


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