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Q.I have no prob­lem meet­ing men, but I’m em­bar­rassed to in­vite them home. I live with my mum and brother; we don’t have much money, and our house is in ur­gent need of dec­o­rat­ing. Now I’ve started see­ing some­one I re­ally like. How can I make sure this doesn’t end like the oth­ers?

A. Have you heard the old phrase ‘poor but hon­est’? You’re poor. So what—as long as you are hon­est too. Any man worth know­ing will care more about who you are than how much you have. Ex­plain your sit­u­a­tion to the new man be­fore you in­vite him home. And be­fore his visit, put out some flow­ers. They beau­tify sur­round­ings and sig­nify good taste. Mean­while, fo­cus on long-term plans, in­clud­ing find­ing a place of your own, or a flat share with like-minded peo­ple. And ex­plain to your new man how you’re work­ing to­wards in­de­pen­dence.

Q. Nei­ther I, nor my boyfriend of sev­eral months is very good at ex­press­ing emo­tions. Now I worry I’ll never re­ally know how he feels, as I stopped us from dis­cussing that kind of stuff. How do I tell him I want to try to talk again?

A. Peo­ple com­mu­ni­cate with so much more than words—a look in your eyes, a gen­tle squeeze of the hand...if you can’t tell him how you’re feel­ing, talk about what you’re think­ing: your hopes, dreams and mem­o­ries. And ask about his—your in­ter­est will give him the con­fi­dence to say more. In due course, words for feel­ings will be­gin to spill out too. And why not write down those feel­ings? Read it to your­self and, when it feels right, send them to him to read.

Q. I re­cently had a mis­car­riage. I never knew I was preg­nant, and I’d al­ready split from my boyfriend. I didn’t tell him, as my two friends said he’d hate me. They said I eat so lit­tle I must have starved the baby to death. I feel so guilty.

A. It was not your fault. With any preg­nancy, de­pres­sion can fol­low, and that is what you’re en­dur­ing now. As for not know­ing you were preg­nant, ces­sa­tion of pe­ri­ods can also be a symp­tom of an eat­ing dis­or­der—this may be the case with you. It is too late to do any­thing about your ac­ci­den­tal mis­car­riage, but please do some­thing about your­self. See your GP and, if our sus­pi­cions about anorexia are right, ask to see a coun­sel­lor. And those ‘friends’ of yours? They’re not! You’ll find much bet­ter friends when you find your­self again.

Q. I love Bey­oncé’s new pixie cut! I want the same, but am wor­ried it’ll look ter­ri­ble...

A. You’re right, Bey­oncé does look re­ally hot with her new cut. But no need to be afraid—there’s a per­fect pixie for ev­ery face shape. If you have a high fore­head, like Mi­ley Cyrus’, ask for longer lay­ers and a fringe for bet­ter pro­por­tions. Round face like Gin­nifer’s? Ask your stylist for some vol­ume at the crown and sides. Fi­nally, re­mem­ber the fringe mat­ters most—a short one makes the look sharp, draw­ing at­ten­tion to your cheek­bones and lips; while longer bangs are softer and more fem­i­nine.

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