Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1. You’re hang­ing out at a bar on karaoke night. What are you do­ing?

a. You’re on stage, killing it softly. b. Try­ing to con­vince your friend to do a Salt-n-Pepa rap duet with you. It would to­tally turn heads! c Wouldn't hap­pen - you're not a big karaoke fan.

2. It’s Thurs­day af­ter­noon. What do you and your friends planned for the week­end so far?

a. reg­gae brunch, a ve-fish pedi­cure, and ‘just be­cause’ party, planned by yours uly, of course. b. You put a few feel­ers out to friends, but you haven’t com­mit­ted to any­thing yet. c You haven’t heard from your friends yet, so you’re not too sure.

3. What does your In­sta­gram pro­file look like?

a. Lots of pics of ev­ery party you go to and ev­ery couch you and your posse dance on. b. Im­ages of na­ture and cool build­ings— you’re an ob­server. c Shots of the new shoes you bought and the oc­ca­sional group pic of you and your friends.

4. You have tick­ets to a com­edy show, and your friend can­cels. Your move?

a. Text your friends to find a re­place­ment. b. Bail too. You have an episode of How I Met Your Mother on your DVD any­way. c. Go by your­self. It will make a killer Face­book post.

5. What is your pres­ence like on the e- mail chain you have with your friends?

a. You cre­ated it, so you keep it go­ing with per­sonal anec­dotes, funny YouTube videos, and links to re­views of restau­rants to try. b. You chime in when­ever you have a story worth shar­ing. c. Min­i­mal—you only re­spond when you’re asked a di­rect ques­tion.

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