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Cosmopolitan (India) - - STYLE SPECIAL - By Priyam Chaturvedi


Cre­ated by: CARLY J CAIS, chic­


Fab­ric for the base Mesh tulle for over­lay 4 sil­ver coloured jump rings 2 French hook ear­ring wires Stick-on rhine­stones A pair of scis­sors, fab­ric glue, em­bel­lish­ing glue and pli­ers

STEP# 1 Place the gem­stones on the fab­ric to vi­su­alise how your ear­rings will look.

STEP# 2 When you’ve de­cided on where you want your stones, cut the fab­ric around them. Re­move the gem­stones and cut an­other match­ing piece of fab­ric for the other ear­ring.

STEP# 4 At­tach the gem­stones us­ing fab­ric glue. Glue in the de­sign you chose in Step 1. Trim the tulle around the edges.

STEP# 3 Use fab­ric glue to af­fix the tulle over the fab­ric.

STEP# 5 Use pli­ers to poke a jump ring through each piece. At­tach an­other jump ring and the French wires to fin­ish your ear­rings. Done!


Cre­ated by: KIRSTEN NUNEZ, studs and


Plain sun­glasses 28 gauge wire Beads in three dif­fer­ent colours Clear nail pol­ish A pair of scis­sors, strong craft glue and jew­ellery pli­ers

STEP# 1 Fig­ure out how many beads will fit in the widest part of the sun­glasses' arm. From that point, you'll know how many to weave in each line, and then slowly sub­tract a bead as the arm gets thin­ner.

STEP# 2 Thread the beads in the wire.

STEP# 3 Take the end of one wire and in­sert it back through the row of beads to seal it in place. Use the clear nail pol­ish to seal.

STEP# 4 Create a de­sign on pa­per to fol­low the pat­tern you want on your sun­glass.

STEP# 5 Ap­ply glue on the arm of the frame.

STEP# 6 Stick the de­signed beads on the arm of the sun­glass.


Cre­ated by: MEERA AND PURVI, two­m­a­te­ri­al­girls.tum­


Plain bal­leri­nas Thin foam (or felt) Doll eyes A strong glue like Fe­vi­bond Marker pen Pair of scis­sors

STEP# 1 Draw and cut a small mous­tache and lips on the foam, us­ing a marker pen and scis­sors.

STEP# 2 Glue the lips and mous­tache on the bal­leri­nas us­ing Fe­vi­bond, then glue the eyes above.


Cre­ated by: IKYA KESIRAJU, make­up­mono­


Lace patches Acrylic paint and brush Fab­ric glue A length of chain Clasp rings

STEP# 1 Paint the lace patches with acrylic paint in a colour of your choice. Let them dry.

STEP# 2 Ar­range and at­tach the pat­terns in a neck­lace shape, us­ing fab­ric glue. Leave the ends (to­wards the back) open. Let it dry.

STEP# 3 In the back, at­tach clasp rings to a chain so you can slip on your brand new neck­lace!


Cre­ated by: CATHY ATTIX, trin­ketsin­


A pair of suede pumps Mod podge Glit­ter A bowl Brushes—1 big, 1 small White chalk and flex­i­ble curve

STEP# 1 De­cide where you want the de­sign to be on your shoes.

STEP# 2 Use the chalk and flex­i­ble curve to mark the de­sign.

STEP# 3 Mix your Mod Podge and glit­ter in a small bowl.

STEP# 4 Us­ing a big brush, paint the mix­ture onto a shoe. Start in the mid­dle of your de­sign and work to­wards the edges. Use the smaller brush to paint the edges of your de­sign.

STEP# 5 Place your shoes out­side if you can or by an open win­dow to dry (it'll be faster this way).

STEP# 6 As your shoes dry, check them for any spots where the shoe colour may be show­ing through, and touch them up. Once fully dry, you'll have gor­geous, glit­tery pumps!

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