Of Mar­riage

Finds there are more sub­tle dis­cov­er­ies, too!

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Even though my hus­band makes me feel like the most beau­ti­ful woman in the world, I still can’t turn off my flirt radar. “I went through a phase right af­ter I got mar­ried when I would flirt shame­lessly with guys when I went out with my friends,” says Priyanka, 32, who’s been mar­ried six years. “It feels good to know that you’re still de­sired.” When you’re a wife, there’s this fear that you’ll lose that some­thing that makes men turn their heads, so you may even go into flirt over­drive. “It’s al­ways nice to be re­acted to as a woman,” says Pep­per Schwartz, Ph.D., co-au­thor of The Nor­mal Bar. “As long as it’s only a lit­tle flirt­ing, there’s no harm done.” “This sounds effed up,” says Nim­rit, 29. “But in those early months, if my hus­band re­ally pissed me off, I thought, I’ll just di­vorce him!” You might even dream about what life would have been like with an ex—with time, even your douch­i­est for­mer boyfriend can take on a Ryan Gosling-like glow. But think­ing about di­vorce won’t doom you to it. “Even happy cou­ples have con­sid­ered

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