MEN’S MINDS ...When They’re Hiding Some­thing

We got celebrity guys to tell us what guys re­ally think about ly­ing, bla­tant hon­esty, and mask­ing their true feel­ings.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - MEN & YOU - By Me­her Bajwa

When we man­aged to cor­ner the cast of com­edy flick, Grand Masti, for a sur­prise Cosmo grilling ses­sion, we sus­pected the boys would just have a good laugh while an­swer­ing our ques­tions (which they did!). But sur­pris­ingly, Vivek, Riteish and Aftab gave us some can­did insight into what men re­ally think, while throw­ing in a few po­lit­i­cally cor­rect state­ments, of course.

COSMO: Do you think it’s ever okay to hide the truth from your part­ner?

VIVEK: “Never. If you think your part­ner is cool and if you’re friends, then there’s re­ally noth­ing to hide.”

RITEISH: “If you want your re­la­tion­ship to last, then you bet­ter ab­stain from hiding the truth. It’s the foun­da­tion of my own re­la­tion­ship.”

C: What about lit­tle white lies like, ‘Of course you don’t look fat in that!’?

VIVEK: “Oh! That comes un­der tact, not hon­esty. My fa­ther’s ad­vice for a hap­pily mar­ried life was this: a) the wife is al­ways right; b) she can never look fat; c) if you don’t know what to say, just make a non-com­mit­tal sound like uh huh!”

C: What do men lie about most?

VIVEK: “I think if you’re mar­ried, men lie the most about food. About how great it is, even if it re­ally isn’t.”

RITEISH: “I think men lie about spend­ing time with their guy friends! They’ll al­ways have an ex­cuse like, ‘We got late be­cause of traf­fic, or they didn’t get our or­der on time, or say that it was a re­ally bor­ing party’.”

AFTAB: “Haha! That’s true! ‘Yes, I missed you so much at the party!’.”

C: Do you think men’s be­hav­iour changes when they’re ly­ing?

VIVEK: “Def­i­nitely. I’m a sucky liar. I can’t lie to my wife be­cause I can’t look her in the eye and fib, so I just don’t bother do­ing it at all.”

RITEISH: “I think for guys, when a girl gets up­set, they sud­denly see four op­tions and they think, ‘Which one should I go with to suit this oc­ca­sion?’

It doesn’t al­ways work though.”

“I think women are more judg­men­tal and men fear


C: Why are men so bad at talk­ing about their feel­ings? C: So do you talk to your friends about your is­sues? C: Have you ever dis­cov­ered a se­cret she was hiding?

VIVEK: “I think right at the be­gin­ning of our mar­riage I told her, ‘Honey, I love bla­tant hon­esty, it’s such a kick to have some­one so hon­est’. I re­ally re­gret say­ing that now! Women can be quite crit­i­cal...”

RITESH: “Men try to be smart about what they want to say. Any­thing to get a soft land­ing and not hurt the other per­son. Women have no prob­lem with that as­pect. They’ll just lay it all out there, so ba­si­cally no, I’ve never dis­cov­ered any­thing she might have been hiding.”

AFTAB: “I think women are more judg­men­tal and men fear that judg­ment so we tend to with­hold our feel­ings and in­ter­nalise them.”

RITESH: “I don’t like to dis­cuss is­sues. I like to deal with them my­self. It’s not about big is­sues or small is­sues, I just like to get over it and move ahead as quickly as pos­si­ble.”

VIVEK: “Yeah we do. We don’t have three hour chats about one is­sue. It’s a three-minute con­ver­sa­tion and we dis­cuss what needs to be done. So in a way we’re more do­ers than talk­ers!”

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