Cosmopolitan (India) - - YOU, YOU, YOU - —Sheila Jayaprakash, is an ad­vo­cate at the High Court of In­dia

“A lot of new­ly­weds end up in a di­vorce court be­cause they con­stantly com­pare their re­la­tion­ship to their par­ents’. That’s a bad idea. While it’s great to be close to your par­ents, run­ning to them for ev­ery lit­tle ar­gu­ment is not ideal. Cou­ples should aim at sort­ing out their is­sues them­selves, and not in­volve their par­ents at ev­ery stage. I’ve seen so many cou­ples who think that hav­ing an elab­o­rate wed­ding is enough for them to stay to­gether for­ever, but that’s just the be­gin­ning. Re­la­tion­ships are com­plex, and they need nur­tur­ing. In­stead of a huge wed­ding, fo­cus on hav­ing a bet­ter mar­riage. And get to know each other well be­fore you de­cide to get mar­ried.”

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