Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1. How do you feel about your job?

a. It gives me ex­treme angst, but I suck it up be­cause of the econ­omy.

b. I’m ready for more, so I’m up­dat­ing my LinkedIn pro­file and reach­ing out to my con­tacts.

c. It’s not rain­bows and uni­corns, but it buys me shoes.

2. When is the last time your par­ents gave you any kind of fi­nan­cial help?

a. Not count­ing the oc­ca­sional birth­day gift, it’s been a while.

b. When they cut me off. That was a hoot.

c. Um, my mom took me shop­ping last week.

3. How sat­is­fied are you with your love life?

a. The guy I’m dat­ing is meh. But it’s bet­ter than be­ing sin­gle.

b. It’s amaz­ing. This guy ac­tu­ally gets me.

c. Very. There’s hot gym guy, my FWB… the list goes on.

4. How long have you lived in the town you’re in?

a. Born and raised. All my friends and fam­ily are right here!

b. I moved here for a BF/year-round beach weather.

c. Not long. I had to save up to get here, but it was worth it.

5. How many years be­fore you have some mini-yous?

a. As in clones? Oh, you mean kids? Hi­lar­i­ous!

b. I want my ca­reer to be more set­tled, but I’m def­i­nitely work­ing to­wards it.

c. I’m not sure, but I’m go­ing to name my first Brody be­cause I love Home­land.

1c– 2,b– 0,a– 5. 2;c– 0,b– 1,a– 4. 0;c– 2,b– 1,a– 3. 0;c– 1,b– 2,a– 2. 0;c– 2,b– 1,a– 1. SCOR­ING:

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