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Ever look at your man and won­der what’s go­ing through his head? We asked three guys to keep a di­ary about their love lives, so that we could find out!

DAY #1

8am - Woke up think­ing about MS. We had a great night and she was re­ally funny, in­ter­est­ing, and looked hot too. Maybe she’ll be the one who’ll stick?

3pm - MS just sent me a text. Her par­ents are vis­it­ing the city and she wants us all to go out for din­ner so they can “get to know me”. It’s a big step. I re­ply say­ing that I’ll check to see whether I’m free and will let her know.

DAY #2

9am - Oops. Re­alise I for­got to text MS back about din­ner with her par­ents. I send her a text to let her know that din­ner works for me. She’s pretty cool, so let’s hope her par­ents are too! *He hasn’t got back to her right away be­cause he’s not re­al­is­ing the sig­nif­i­cance of din­ner with the par­ents. He thinks it’s the same as any nor­mal date.

7pm - MS and I go out to see a movie. She seems ex­cited about me meet­ing her par­ents tomorrow and it makes me feel ex­cited too—so much so that I let her drag me to see a ro­man­tic com­edy. I’d never ad­mit it to her, but ac­tu­ally it was pretty funny! *Some good signs here for MS. He’s pre­pared to meet her par­ents and seems ex­cited. It sug­gests he’s keen and sees long-term po­ten­tial.

DAY #3

2pm - Din­ner with MS and her par­ents. They’re sur­pris­ingly nice and we’re hav­ing a great time—till her mum starts talk­ing about us vis­it­ing them in Delhi for Di­wali. Di­wali! That’s months away. I haven’t re­ally thought about where MS and I will be in a few weeks. I hope they don’t no­tice my shock. Even so, we end up hav­ing a nice night, par­tic­u­larly be­cause her dad picked up the bill! *He’s done well with meet­ing the par­ents but now has to think about a longer-term com­mit­ment. He’s feel­ing a bit over­whelmed by that, and things are start­ing to move quickly for him.

DAY #4

8am - Wake up to a text from MS. Ap­par­ently I made a good im­pres­sion, and her par­ents like me. I feel a bit anx­ious about how fast this is go­ing, but then re­mind my­self how much I like MS.

9pm - Night out with the guys. When they ask why I wasn’t at the club last night, I make up an ex­cuse about hav­ing a hot night in with MS. If I say I’ve met her par­ents al­ready, they’ll never let me hear the end of it.

DAY #5

10am - Feel­ing re­ally hun­gover and have no Dis­prin in my apart­ment. Think about call­ing MS to see if she’ll bring some over out of sym­pa­thy, but de­cide against it in the end.

DAY #6

7:30am - I hit the gym and am do­ing some free weights when a to­tal babe stands next to me at the mir­ror. She starts chat­ting with me and sud­denly we’re openly flirt­ing and laugh­ing. But I feel guilty, so I make an ex­cuse and move over to the tread­mill. *He’s torn be­tween flirt­ing with a new woman and be­ing com­mit­ted to MS, but he makes the right de­ci­sion and moves away. He’s more keen on see­ing what hap­pens with MS.

DAY #7

1pm - Lunch with MS. She’s wear­ing a red dress and red lip­stick, and she looks so hot I can barely con­cen­trate on my food! I even no­tice other guys check­ing her out, which makes me proud. She clearly wants to be with me, af­ter all. We ar­range to meet up for drinks later, and as I say good­bye I re­alise how ex­cited I am that I’ll be see­ing her again in a few hours.

DAY #1

7am - I’ve barely wo­ken up and Mariam’s ask­ing me to clean up the clothes I’ve left on the floor. I try not to make a crack about her make-up that’s all over our bed­room.

DAY #2

8am - I’m at work and I get a cute e-mail from Mariam, telling me how much she loves me. I know she does, but it’s al­ways nice to hear. We end up go­ing back and forth writ­ing sweet things to each other. It feels like it was yes­ter­day when we first got to­gether.

9pm - We go out for din­ner to our favourite restau­rant and de­cide to go all-out on three cour­ses. Mariam doesn’t hold back—I love that she loves to eat. My ex would only ever or­der a plain salad or soup.

DAY #3

7pm - I’ve had a re­ally stress­ful day and don’t feel like talk­ing when I get home. All I want to do is watch TV and go to bed, but Mariam wants to talk about get­ting a new apart­ment and where we’re go­ing for our next hol­i­day. I end up snap­ping at her and we have a fight. She goes to bed and I sit on the sofa, feel­ing guilty. *He needs 20 min­utes down­time be­fore con­nect­ing to Mariam—that way both get their needs met.

DAY #4

10am - I still feel bad about last night, but it an­noys me that she pushes me to talk when I’m ob­vi­ously not in the mood. I ig­nore a text she sends me. I get home from the gym and Mariam has cooked my favourite meal, so I know we’re in for a ‘real chat’. She apol­o­gises for last night and says she feels con­fused when I go quiet some­times. I im­me­di­ately feel bad. She’s open with ex­actly how she’s feel­ing. I guess she doesn’t un­der­stand that I’m just not like that. We go to bed happy, and I re­alise how much I love her and how I could never not be with her. *He’s happy that they have talked through this sit­u­a­tion and he’s think­ing that maybe this won’t keep oc­cur­ring again in the fu­ture. He’s got an un­der­stand­ing about how she feels.

DAY #5

2pm - We hit the mall to do some shop­ping and Mariam fi­nally lets me buy the new TV I’ve been af­ter. The next thing I know, I’m in Zara while she tries on about 10 black dresses—that all look the same! She asks which one was my favourite and I gam­ble by telling her the one with the zip. Luck­ily, she smiles and tells me that one was her favourite too.

DAY #1

3pm - Lisa, a girl I met at the gym last week, calls. It’s a bit awk­ward be­cause I am at work and wasn’t ex­pect­ing her to ac­tu­ally call— usu­ally it’s all about tex­ting and e-mails. She’s in train­ing to run a marathon and asks if I want to go for a run with her tomorrow. I’m not sure whether it’s a date or not.

DAY #2

9am - Lin­ing up to get my lunch at Cafe Cof­fee Day down­stairs from work, I get chat­ting with the girl in the queue in front of me. She’s cute, and she keeps touch­ing my arm—but be­fore I have a chance to pull my­self to­gether enough to ask her for her num­ber, my or­der

is ready and I have to move away. Hope she’s there again tomorrow.

8pm - I meet Lisa for a run and wow—she’s fast. I thought I’d be able to out­run her eas­ily, but I’m so, so wrong. Feel­ing a bit em­bar­rassed, I try to hide how out of breath I am. We hit a juice bar af­ter­wards and I sug­gest din­ner next week.

DAY #3

9am - The girl from the cof­fee place yes­ter­day isn’t there, and I’m ac­tu­ally a lit­tle dis­ap­pointed—maybe she’ll be there tomorrow.

11am - Get a text from Lisa check­ing to see how I am af­ter last night’s run. Ob­vi­ously I didn’t hide my ex­haus­tion as well as I’d thought! I am glad to hear from her though.

2pm - Get a fol­low-up text from Lisa say­ing that she’s ex­cited about din­ner. I am a bit weirded out that she’s texted again al­ready. *He’s now think­ing that she’s too keen. The texts seem to keep on com­ing, and he’s start­ing to feel a lit­tle trapped.

DAY #4

7am - Wake up to another text from Lisa, which says “Good morn­ing”. I feel a bit dis­ap­pointed, be­cause she’d seemed so cool, but now she’s com­ing across as clingy. I’m start­ing to think about how to get out of din­ner plans with her. *It’s now be­come a real con­cern for him—and he’s think­ing it’s time to get out of fu­ture plans. She wants him more than he wants her.

1am - The guys and I are out hav­ing a few drinks and play­ing pool. Af­ter a few too many, I end up tex­ting Lisa sug­gest­ing din­ner tomorrow. As soon as I’ve done it, I re­gret it, but I sup­pose one din­ner can’t be too bad. *He falls into the trap of di­alling when drunk and want­ing some fe­male com­pany. He doesn’t seem to re­alise that do­ing this is go­ing to hurt her and lead her on.

DAY #5

9am - The girl from the cof­fee place ear­lier this week is there. She’s flirt­ing with me again (I think), and so I suck it up and ask for her num­ber. She laughs and tells me that she doesn’t think her boyfriend would ap­prove. What? Why do girls do this—chat you up, gig­gle and lead you on, for noth­ing?

8pm - Lisa and I meet for din­ner. She’s texted twice to­day to check our plans, which made me ner­vous. I just wanted a re­laxed, ca­sual meal, We have an okay time and I tell her I’ll

get in touch soon.

DAY #6

11am - Lisa has texted twice al­ready to­day to find out when we’re go­ing to go out again. All this pres­sure so early on is freaking me out. Not a good sign. *His fears are true; she’s too clingy and needy and he wants to run.

6pm - I have a drink with my best fe­male friend and tell her about what’s been go­ing on with Lisa. She says if I’m not too keen I have to be hon­est, so I send Lisa a text mes­sage ex­plain­ing that while she’s a re­ally nice girl, I’m just not ready for a re­la­tion­ship. *He’s scared of hav­ing a face-to-face con­ver­sa­tion with her, so he takes the soft op­tion by tex­ting to break up with her.

DAY #7

9am - I wake up glad that I let Lisa know how I was feel­ing. I don’t want to lead her on, so I think it’s best to end things now, be­fore she starts ex­pect­ing more.

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