Sonam Kapoor

On Fash­ion (ob­vi­ously!), Fam­ily, and Lov­ing Her Life

Cosmopolitan (India) - - FRONT PAGE - By Priyam Chaturvedi; Photographs by Vishesh Verma

“Be­ing a trend set­ter is all about be­ing your­self. When you’re com­fort­able in your own skin there will never be any pres­sure to do some­thing.”

In the brief mo­ments be­tween the time I dial Sonam Kapoor’s num­ber and she comes on the line, my mind idly won­ders what Sonam Kapoor is re­ally like. I mean, it’s ob­vi­ous she’s the front-run­ner of the In­dian fash­ion scene (she’s topped the Cosmo Best Dressed list three years in a row!), and there are all kinds of movies and en­dorse­ments in her kitty, but there has to be more to Ms Kapoor than a fab­u­lous wardrobe and a some­what dif­fi­cult film ca­reer. As I dis­cover a few min­utes later, the fash­ion and films don’t even scratch the sur­face. For one, Sonam doesn’t take her­self too se­ri­ously. “Very few peo­ple know that I feel most com­fort­able in my track pants,” she tells me, in her sig­na­ture, laugh­ter-in­fected voice. “All my style de­ci­sions come from not giv­ing a damn about what peo­ple say! I just like to have fun with fash­ion, and I just do what I feel like.”

She con­tin­ues, “Be­ing a trend set­ter is all about be­ing your­self. When you’re com­fort­able in your skin, there will never be any pres­sure to do some­thing. It’s about en­joy­ing who you are. You can only be a trend set­ter if you have a very dis­tinct per­son­al­ity, and that’s what I do.”

That’s the other thing about Sonam—she knows her stuff and she knows her mind. But that doesn’t mean she’s ar­ro­gant or dif­fi­cult, as one may con­clude. The op­po­site, re­ally, be­cause Sonam is pos­si­bly one of the nicest, most grounded celebri­ties in Bol­ly­wood. This has been a good year for her, with both Raan­jhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag be­ing ma­jor grossers, and there’s lit­tle doubt that her style ap­pear­ances are only get­ting stronger and fiercer. Yet, she stays as easy and friendly as she was dur­ing her first shoot with Cosmo many years ago. “I credit it to my friends and fam­ily,” she tells me. “They never miss an op­por­tu­nity to tell me when I am be­ing an idiot. They are not ‘Yes Men’ to me—they con­stantly make fun of me, crit­i­cise me and tell me things that won’t al­low me to be­come ar­ro­gant.”

It’s no se­cret that her fam­ily plays a cru­cial role in Sonam’s life... her sis­ter Rhea Kapoor is of­ten touted as

the ‘style brain’ be­hind Sonam’s looks, and she has said on many oc­ca­sions that her fa­ther, Anil Kapoor, is a huge in­flu­ence in her life. “Rhea is my pro­ducer, critic, but most im­por­tantly, best friend—she’s my pro­fes­sional and per­sonal back­bone,” Sonam gushes. “I’m also very close to my fa­ther and one of the main things I bond with him over, apart from work, are my boyfriends! He’s al­ways ask­ing, and I love talk­ing to him about the men in my life. He gives the best ad­vice!” Since we are on the sub­ject of men, is there some­thing she’d like to tell us, I hint? Sonam isn’t so di­rect, for the first time. “I think love is some­thing that needs time to grow. While there are things like phys­i­cal at­trac­tion and all, at the end of the day you need to be in love with the per­son’s soul and their per­son­al­ity be­cause that is what will help you sail through. I think it’s all about grow­ing old with that per­son, be­ing with that per­son and lov­ing who they truly are, mi­nus their ap­pear­ance.”

As I said be­fore, Sonam knows her mind. But there has to be some­thing she would like to do dif­fer­ently in life? Cer­tain less-than-ideal movie de­ci­sions, men, any­thing?! “No!” she says, with­out a mo­ment’s hes­i­ta­tion. “I am very happy with the way my life has shaped up and the per­son it has made me. I like who I am right now, and wouldn’t change a thing.”

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