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BE­FORE GO­ING OUT: Start with a healthy veg­etable soup. Your body is de­pleted of an­tiox­i­dants and vi­ta­mins when you drink, so the soup will help dou­ble up that amount. Fin­ish with some grilled fish, brown rice and green veg­gies be­cause th­ese carbs will stay in your body longer and will line your stom­ach. Also, drink at least three glasses of wa­ter to min­imise de­hy­dra­tion.

BREAK­FAST THE NEXT DAY: A berry and ba­nana smoothie will be packed with an­tiox­i­dants and potas­sium to re­store Vi­ta­mins C and B in your sys­tem. A whole grain toast with but­ter will sat­isfy your salt crav­ings. If you feel like you can eat more, have a boiled egg, which con­tains amino acids to speed up the detox process.

FEEL­GOOD LUNCH: To com­pletely get rid of that yucky feel­ing, put to­gether a lunch high in pro­tein and low in carbs like a chicken roll or tofu stir fry with whole grain noo­dles. If you’re crav­ing a fizzy drink, stick to gin­ger ale be­cause it’s low in su­gar and will help get rid of the nau­sea.

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