Cosmopolitan (India) - - PARTY SPECIAL -

SIX DE­GREES OF SEP­A­RA­TION: Try this fun game when you have an in­ti­mate get to­gether of 10-15 guests. Get pens and pa­per and ask each per­son to draw a graph of how they think the peo­ple at the party are re­lated to you. Do they think you’re co-work­ers? Rel­a­tives? Col­lege friends? En­cour­age the guests to guess and com­pare graphs. Then show ev­ery­one a graph of the real set of re­la­tion­ships and who­ever is the clos­est, wins a prize!

PARTY BINGO: Pre­pare a grid for each guest with char­ac­ter­is­tics of each guest filled in. Each guest gets a grid and a pen­cil. They have to col­lect the ini­tials of some­one who matches the de­scrip­tion in each square. Ex­am­ples: the per­son who works for a ad­ver­tis­ing firm; the per­son who got mar­ried a month ago, etc. Tai­lor the list to your guests. Who­ever fills the most spa­ces gets a prize. This will en­cour­age your guests to in­ter­act with new peo­ple, too!


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