I hope that my writ­ing starts in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions.

Tu­lika Mehrotra, 27, has a new book out— Crash­ing B-Town (Pen­guin), based in Bol­ly­wood, and talk­ing about all the glam­our, strug­gles, and trap­pings of it. A solid train­ing in fi­nance and fash­ion de­sign gives Tu­lika’s work a breezy panache.

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“I had al­ways been a very artis­tic kid—con­stantly draw­ing, paint­ing, writ­ing sto­ries. I took up writ­ing se­ri­ously when I felt like I was hit­ting a wall in my pro­fes­sional ca­reer. It was a form of vent­ing

my un­hap­pi­ness. I am mo­ti­vated to write sto­ries that ask ques­tions. I want peo­ple to read my books and per­haps recog­nise some of the is­sues raised in their own lives. While I don’t want to thrust my views, I do hope that my writ­ing starts in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions.

In the en­tire pe­riod be­fore I ac­tu­ally got a break, I re­ceived in­cred­i­ble sup­port from my fam­ily. My mom and dad col­lec­tively are my rock! My brother is the ul­ti­mate sup­port with his calm, cool sta­bil­is­ing en­ergy to bal­ance my cre­ative chaos.

I al­ways sought out av­enues to grow as an artist. In fact, my big break came via a writ­ing con­fer­ence—an event that brought to­gether won­der­ful cre­ative peo­ple who were com­mit­ted to im­prov­ing their craft. Apart from all the learn­ing, I met my agent here. That was the nicest out­come, and that con­fer­ence made it hap­pen.

The writ­ing process for me is a con­stantly evolv­ing jour­ney. I try to force my­self to write ev­ery sin­gle day. Many times, I’ll be star­ing at a blank screen with no idea what to do. Other times, I move to pen and pa­per and just start scrib­bling notes and un­de­ci­pher­able graphs. I cre­ate char­ac­ter sketches, plot out­lines, re­la­tion­ship graphs and in­ter­view ex­perts on the sub­ject mat­ter I’m writ­ing on. It’s all very un­sci­en­tific, but I find that struc­ture within chaos is my ideal method of mad­ness.”

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