Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1. There is an open­ing for a se­nior po­si­tion at your com­pany. You’re slightly un­der­qual­i­fied— do you go for it any­way?

a. Un­der­qual­i­fied, un­der-schmal­i­fied... of course you do! Bill Gates didn’t even fin­ish col­lege!

b. No, but you use it as an op­por­tu­nity to meet with your boss and dis­cuss your next ca­reer move.

c. First, you need to redo your ré­sumé, talk it through, then... crap, some­one else al­ready got it.

2. Girls’ trip! You’re in the Ba­hamas with your col­lege besties, get­ting your cock­tails on when a group of guys send over drinks. You:

a. Don’t ac­cept. Who are they? What do they want? I’ll get my own, thanks! b. Air-toast them with your Mai Tai, catch­ing the eye of the cutest one. c. Write “Thanks! Call me!” on the back of your card and send it over.

3. You prom­ise your­self that you’re go­ing to start spin­ning three morn­ings a week. Do you fol­low through?

a. Al­ways! Well... that first week, I only made it twice be­cause my lady parts were so sore. Le­git ex­cuse! b. Sorry, no. If some­one told you I’d make a stupid prom­ise like that, she’s ly­ing! c. Some­times. I’m only hu­man, and once in a while, that ex­tra hour of sleep is too sweet to re­sist.

4. Ever since you were five, you and your best friend have talked about liv­ing in Paris for a year. She’s ready—are you in?

a. Paris was a trés cool dream, but it might be too much. How about Dubai in­stead? b. Mais, non— too many un­knowns. You’ll watch Amélie again in­stead. c. Oui, oui! You’re ready to go. How do you say YOLO in French?

5. It’s time for a change. You ask your hair­styl­ist what she thinks, and she tells you you’d look bitchin‘ with bangs. Your re­sponse?

a. “With my tiny head? No way!” And then ob­sess about Zooey Deschanel’s adorable fringe. b. “Bring it!” You hadn’t thought of it, but bangs could look great. If they don’t? Hair grows back. c. “Have any pics of what you’re think­ing?” Then make the call on get­ting a Ni­cole Richie side swoop.

1c– 2,b– 0,a– 5. 2;c– 0,b– 1,a– 4. 1;c– 0,b– 2,a– 3. 2;c– 1,b– 0,a– 2. 0;c– 1,b– 2,a– 1. SCOR­ING:

Af­ter 20 min­utes of

great pa­tience, her

man­ager yelled, ‘ Stop


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