Run­ning a dat­ing web­site, Need­To­, Jor­dan McAdam is qui­etly piec­ing her life back to­gether when she comes face to face with For­rest Red­der, a wealthy and suc­cess­ful bach­e­lor...

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The last place For­est should be at this time of the day in the mid­dle of the week was a restau­rant. He should grab a sand­wich and hun­ker down at his desk. Should but wouldn’t. He was reach­ing across the ta­ble for his wa­ter, when move­ment at the end of his row of ta­bles caught his at­ten­tion. He knew Jor­dan stood there be­fore he even looked up, and when he did meet her gaze he al­most swal­lowed his tongue. Sweet lov­ing damn.

She wore a short-sleeve black dress that hugged her waist, then flared out over her hips be­fore com­ing to rest a few inches above her knees. And those legs. Long, lean and bare. Just when he re­cov­ered from the mem­ory of his fin­ger­tips against those thighs, he no­ticed the spiky red heels.

But the body, that walk, had noth­ing on her smile. It lit her face and brought a twinge of color to her cheeks.

There was no way in hell he’d be able to choke down an ap­pe­tizer tonight.

He some­how got to his feet, but God knew he didn’t re­mem­ber stand­ing. A nap­kin dan­gled from his fin­gers. When she stopped across from him, he threw it down and piv­oted around her to pull out her chair.

The sub­tle whiff of orange wrapped around him as he leaned down to whis­per in her ear. “That was quite an en­trance.”

She glanced up at him for the briefest of sec­onds. “I de­cided to be mem­o­rable this time.”

His com­ment at the wed­ding about her dress came rush­ing back on him. How he ever thought this woman could blend in, even for a sec­ond, stunned him. He’d be able to pick her out in a room full of hun­dreds of women. Some­thing about the way she car­ried her­self and the con­fi­dence that swirled around her had him chas­ing and want­ing and gen­er­ally for­get­ting his usual rules about women.

With a bro­ken en­gage­ment on his score­card, he pre­ferred to keep his emo­tional dis­tance. Not that he shunned com­mit­ment. He just pre­ferred his life out­side work as sim­ple as pos­si­ble and long-term dat­ing struck him as the ex­act op­po­site of sim­ple.

En­joy women, date when he had time and oth­er­wise fo­cus on build­ing his busi­ness. He’d mapped out that three-part plan the day af­ter his fa­ther had se­cu­rity es­cort him out the lobby doors of the fam­ily busi­ness. He hadn’t been back and, de­spite all his fa­ther’s yelling and threats, For­est never had to crawl back and beg for for­give­ness, ei­ther.

“Thank you for not wear­ing that dress to work.” For­est sat again, de­lib­er­ately push­ing all thoughts of his dys­func­tional fam­ily out of his mind. “I would have vi­o­lated more than one HR rule to get near you. Me and half the staff. No ques­tion about it.”

“There’s noth­ing provoca­tive about this dress.” She ran her fin­ger­tips across her ex­posed col­lar­bone. “No plung­ing neck­line and only a min­i­mum of skin show­ing.”

“That out­fit is all about an­tic­i­pa­tion. A guy sees it and hopes he’ll be treated to more.” And see­ing her fin­gers skim over her skin had him trip­ping over his words. “So that you know, that’s sex­ier than just about any­thing.”

She unfolded her nap­kin and laid it across her lap. “Aren’t you the sweet talker?”

“You should be im­pressed I can think at all at the mo­ment.” Not that the bab­ble run­ning through his brain made any sense. He saw her and for­got about work and his re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and even about that idiot Ryan.

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