What HIS EX Says About Him

Pay at­ten­tion to your cur­rent boyfriend’s last love (and how he is with her)—it could be an in­di­ca­tor of how he’ll treat you.

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SHE’S YOUR TWIN­SIE You ‘stum­bled upon’ a pic­ture of his last girl­friend, and she looks like your sis­ter from another mis­ter. “You never want to feel like he’s dat­ing you only be­cause you fit his mould,” says Vranich. “But look at it like this: maybe your curly hair is what at­tracted him to you in the first place, but it’s how well you two get along that will keep you to­gether.” As long as your guy is com­mit­ted to get­ting to know the real you, don’t worry.

SHE’S GONE PSY­CHO ON HIM “If his ex or exes are se­verely an­gry with him or have lashed out at him to get re­venge, there is a rea­son they’re an­gry and he’s likely re­spon­si­ble for it,” says Vranich. Pro­ceed with cau­tion... or bet­ter yet, pump the brakes com­pletely.

UM, HE DOESN’T HAVE AN EX With Gen-Y de­lay­ing com­mit­ment longer than ever, many guys go through their 20s girl­friend-less. It’s not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing, but he may not be a per­fect part­ner due to in­ex­pe­ri­ence. If you’re up for do­ing a lit­tle train­ing, more power to you.

SHE’S HIS BFF If you’re ner­vous about how close they are, that’s un­der­stand­able. “Pay at­ten­tion to how the ex treats you,” says Vranich. “She should be happy to meet you and treat you with a tonne of re­spect.” If she’s cold to you, take note—that’s a sign she may still have feel­ings for him. And if he never wants to in­tro­duce you to her, it could mean he’s still har­bour­ing feel­ings for her. Not a great sign ei­ther.

With cur­rent girl­friend Leighton Meester and exes Lorene Scafaria and Rachel Bil­son Think Adam Brody has a


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