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When Pia broke up with Kabir, her mom told her she ex­pected too much from re­la­tion­ships. Yes, he was a great guy, but she also didn’t feel a spark, and re­fused to set­tle. Isn’t it funny? While women are ex­pected to be su­per­hu­man—nail­ing the per­fect bal­ance of sexy yet mod­est, in­de­pen­dent yet vul­ner­a­ble— we’re also sup­posed to be grate­ful for any scrap of male at­ten­tion that comes our way. So what if he’s dull in con­ver­sa­tion (and bed)? You can’t have it all! Pia wor­ried her stan­dards were too high...un­til she met Ab­hay. “I knew what this would feel like and was hold­ing out for it!” she says. Indira, a TV exec, ad­mits she wanted a BF who would have to love art, not be re­li­gious, and live in Delhi. Then she met hi­lar­i­ous Sahil—a guy who lived in the sub­urbs, had a su­per-re­li­gious fam­ily, and hated mu­se­ums. They’ve been mar­ried for 10 years. Did she set­tle? “Ab­so­lutely not! I feel lucky,” she says. Indira’s list was off , but her in­stincts weren’t. She finds Sahil smart and at­trac­tive, and he treats her like the most de­sir­able woman in the world...who cares if he doesn’t love paint­ings? So how do you know if you’re set­tling? Easy. You’re set­tling if you think you’re set­tling. “I de­cided that years of quiet

des­per­a­tion fol­lowed by di­vorce just wasn’t for me.”

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