Amp up the curls this sea­son, with styles that work tex­ture and spi­rals.

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STEP #1 This tex­tured look is a ca­sual and ef­fort­less updo for out- of­con­trol curls. Start by wash­ing and con­di­tion­ing with the Smooth & Shine range to keep the frizz un­der con­trol, and shape the curls in­stead of turn­ing them into one big mess. Blow- dry, and scrunch hair to add tex­ture.

STEP #2 To make the most of your tex­ture, do not comb your hair. Comb­ing breaks up the curls, mak­ing them look frizzy. Then cre­ate a fish­tail plait by braid­ing two sec­tions in­stead of three into each other, right till you reach the very end. Se­cure this plait with a rub­ber band.

STEP #3 The fi­nal step is su­per- easy. Just roll the plait into the un­der­side of the hair and se­cure it in place with bobby pins. Leave the front loose and tex­tured to keep the style look­ing cur­rent. Too much neat­ness in this style will make it look stiff and with­out any move­ment.


STEP #1 This clas­sic milk­maid style has been mod­ernised with curls and tex­ture. To keep the strands in con­trol, wash and con­di­tion first with the Smooth & Shine range. The last rinse af­ter sham­poo­ing must be with cold wa­ter as that closes the cu­ti­cles, con­trol­ling frizz and adding shine.

STEP #2 Once hair is dry (air dry or use a blow- dryer), scrunch to en­hance the curls and part hair into two sec­tions. Make a braid on ei­ther side of the head start­ing one a bit higher than the other so that the braids can even­tu­ally be crossed over and pinned above or be­low each other.

STEP #3 Take each braid and pin it on the other side mak­ing an X-shaped cross. If the braid is too long, loop it back along the cross and pin it so it looks like a sin­gle strand of braid. While pin­ning, en­sure that you slide the pins un­der and not over the hair so that they don’t show through. Fin­ish with shine spray.

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