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Q.Be­fore I left for univer­sity abroad, my boyfriend and I broke it off. Nei­ther of us could take the sep­a­ra­tion but now we’re hap­pily back to­gether—the only thing is that my par­ents don’t ap­prove. They think he’s not good enough for me and say I must choose them or him. I don’t want ei­ther re­la­tion­ship to end.

A: Could you ar­range a meet­ing, prefer­ably in neu­tral ter­ri­tory, so they can see what you see in him? If pos­si­ble, ask an older rel­a­tive or fam­ily friend to in­ter­vene on your be­half. Do­ing your best to build a bridge be­tween your par­ents and your life choices will ease your heart and con­science. Q: I’ve found out that my boyfriend of three years has lied to me, hiding online mes­sag­ing ac­counts from which he reg­u­larly Skyped girls for in­ap­pro­pri­ate con­ver­sa­tions. Does his be­hav­iour count as cheat­ing? How do I deal with it?

A: Ha­bit­ual online sex­ual con­tact counts in a di­vorce court as un­rea­son­able be­hav­iour, which is a le­gal la­bel that also cov­ers cheat­ing. But the la­bel doesn’t mat­ter; what does are your feel­ings for him and his for you. Is your re­la­tion­ship strong enough to give it another go? If so, talk to him. Give him the op­por­tu­nity to apol­o­gise and give your­self a chance to for­give. It will take time to re-es­tab­lish

trust. But if you feel like you can no longer trust him, wave good­bye. Q: I’m 23 and still a vir­gin—I feel like the only one left. I don’t want to tell any­one I date as I’m scared they’ll run a mile and tell oth­ers. Guys show in­ter­est but I’m wary of giv­ing them a chance in case the news makes them change their mind. Will I never do it? Or end up do­ing it drunk, which is my night­mare?

A: Why do you have to tell ev­ery new guy that you’re a vir­gin? Tell him other things about your­self and ask ques­tions so you learn more about him. Any guy who shows in­ter­est but wouldn’t like you if he knew you were a vir­gin is not in­ter­ested in you at all. He’s just in­ter­ested in sex. Be­lieve me, you are not the last vir­gin; plenty of young women see vir­gin­ity as a gift to be given to a part­ner wor­thy of it. In­stead of the drunken night­mare you fear, why not wait for your dream to come true? Even if you mis­judge the lucky guy when he comes along and a re­la­tion­ship doesn’t re­sult, you’ll know you in­vested your vir­gin­ity in hope—and hope is never a bad thing. Q: How un­ex­pected— sus­penders are back, and looked so cool on the Givenchy, and Max Mara S/S’14 run­way. I want to give them a shot, but to­tally don’t know how to... A: We agree, the sus­pender trend is pretty cool! And there are so many ways to wear it—take the nerdy route and at­tach a pair to trousers, a col­lared shirt, and geeky glasses (even a bow-tie, maybe?). Or go laid­back-chic and let your sus­penders hang down at the sides, as seen on the celebs. For a sex­ier look, try the look with a cute pair of denim shorts or a fit­ted, flat­ter­ing T-shirt.

A model in sus­penders at the Givenchy


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