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He says “Be­fore I for­get to tell you...”

He ac­tu­ally means He is try­ing to soften the im­pact of what he is about to say be­cause he knows you may get up­set. So he makes it seem unim­por­tant by im­ply­ing that it just popped into his head.

He says “To be to­tally hon­est...”

He ac­tu­ally means He had not been com­pletely hon­est with you up un­til this point in the con­ver­sa­tion, but what he is about to say will be the truth.

He says “I don’t want to hurt you, but...”

He ac­tu­ally means He knows what he is about to say will hurt you, so he’s try­ing to lessen the guilt he’s go­ing to feel in telling you. It’s more about him than you.

He says “I only had two beers.”

He ac­tu­ally means He’s us­ing the word only to down­play the fact that he drank a lot more than he’s will­ing to ad­mit.

He says “Do you know what I mean?”

He ac­tu­ally means He is not a hun­dred per­cent con­fi­dent in what he is say­ing and is now look­ing for your val­i­da­tion or ap­proval.

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