In­clud­ing how drink­ing juice can get you A-list sta­tus; point­ers on what to do when your bestie is dat­ing a not-so-nice dude; why it’s time to let your T-shirt do the talk­ing; a fun quiz that tests your re­al­ity TV cre­den­tials, and lots more...

If you ain’t suck­ing a straw, then you just ain’t A-list.

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Move over, Star­bucks: the ac­ces­sory to be papped with now is some­thing big, colour­ful and healthy. We never be­lieved skinny celebs had a caramel mac­chi­ato in there any­way, so we wel­come this healthy new hon­esty. Here are some juice recipes Cosmo’s lov­ing right now. So much more palat­able than a plate of kale!


car­rots and skin­clear­ing ap­ple help make this a snack­wor­thy juice blend that will keep the mid-day munchies at bay in a healthy way. You’ll

for­get those cap­pu­cino crav­ings in

no time!


WHITE­LEY Cu­cum­ber is a source of pan­thothenic acid, which aids hair growth; spinach

has beta-carotene, a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant for

healthy hair; and al­monds are rich in Bi­otin, which can help your hair grow faster. DAKOTA FAN­NING This is a great one to

start with to wean your­self off pure fruit juice—the orange gives s it a touch of sweet­ness, ,

but the car­rots and le­mon make it healthier. r. The gin­ger adds a warm buzz, too. KRIS­TEN STEWART

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